Modern Warfare and Battlefield 3: Representations of War

Ed Smith of writes:

"There’s something very unsettling about the Modern Warfare series. The original game opened with the SAS unceremoniously executing guards while they slept in their bunk beds. From there it went on to kill you and your entire squad in a game that, for the most part, portrayed warfare as a costly, futile and bloodthirsty endeavor. Between then and this year’s third installment, things have changed dramatically. Gratuitous explosions, slow motion effects and melodrama have replaced the cold indifference of the original game. The Call of Duty series has always dealt in spectacle and grandeur, but now there seems to be no room for irony."

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Hufandpuf2539d ago

"Placed alongside MW3’s explosive hyperbole, Battlefield 3 feels like the most progressive and significant FPS since 2007."

dark-hollow2538d ago

Beating cod is not an achievment.

As long as they kept gimping every weapon...erhhm i mean "balancing"
Seriously i loved bf2, bad company 1&2 but bf3 keep sucking everytime they issue an update.

OMG! A tank shell blowed my soldier to thousand pieces!
Its overpowered!!!!
Or FAMAS is more powerful than my shi**y pistol! Its not fair!!

Those cry babies really are ruining bf3 online.

grahf2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Fly in jet.
Do a barrel roll!
Get back in jet in mid air.

Now thats progressive! And way more realistic.

I can't buy the author's argument that MW3 is "grotesque" for being CQC** and BF3 isn't because you don't "feel" killing someone from a distance? Lets ask real life drone pilots how it "feels" to kill someone from far away. War is violent, war is grotesque, no matter how far away you take someone's head off.

Oh, and if he is praising BF3 for NOT being grotesque, how about those intimate knife kills?

**edited... WTF is CQQ?? Close Quarter Quilting?

tudors2538d ago

MW sucks, just been on MW2 on PSN and it's a joke, whats with the high jump rubbish? I hope BF3 plays better on PSN.

Tonester9252538d ago

Modern Warfare doesn't illustrate how "Modern Warfare" is in the world. Battlefield Shows a better example but by all means isn't a pure sim either. But, Battlefield 3 can be played as if you were in a real war with squads and communication.