BF3 and MW3: Don't Kill Me, I'm New

Ryan Clements: Unlike so many shooter fans, I have little allegiance and even less experience with Battlefield and Modern Warfare. I love JRPGs and real-time strategy. I love Girls' Generation. But I never devoted myself to one specific shooter series.

But with all the fuss surrounding Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3, I wanted to play them and investigate a few things: would I enjoy the notoriously fearsome online? Would I even survive? And, of course, which one of these competing games would I like the best?

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iNMyFiN4LH0uR2412d ago

A noob's intial impression of the two games, specifically speaking the author made one observation and how the two games contrast relative to that observation. Shows both games in positive light. Ends with a anticlimactic and generic statement that will make the article a waste of time for those wishing to settle the matter once and for all. Now where were we....oh yea, ACTIVISION IS OF THE DEVIL!

iNMyFiN4LH0uR2412d ago this guys in a bad mood......

Holeran2412d ago

So he's a noob and he shows both games in a positive light, what is wrong with either of these things? They both truly have their positives about them as I own both and I am not a noob to either one. "His" opinion whether it differs from yours or not is still "His" opinion. And are people really looking to see which is the better game? My opinion is they are both great and think true gamers should own both, "My" opinion.

Rainstorm812412d ago

Im not a DoucheBag .... Im new

Venjense2412d ago

If you're new to FPS games don't play BF3, you'll get raped.

Rob Hornecker2412d ago

This could go either way. I feel the way you do,but with MW3 instead of BF3.

I have to say that the author gives us his thoughts on the ins and outs of both games. Although I feel by the end he is leaning more towards BF3.

I own and play both games on the XB360 and PS3 and will say that MW3 and BF3 have a very different styles of game play. Where as BF3 relies of teamwork as the way to success,MW3 is more a run and gun lone wolf style of play.Thats why CoD diehards have NEVER enjoyed the battlefield games

My advice to the author ( or anyone new to either game ) is to find people on your friends list that play either game and have them show you around the game. If you don't have any friends with the game,send a chat/party invite to one of your squad mates and work together with them.Perhaps you will make some new friends to play with.

Venjense2409d ago (Edited 2409d ago )

It's a lot harder to fly a chopper or a plane than point and shoot (with generous auto-aim), plus if you're not in cover you're done immediately.