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10 Best Mass Effect Teammates

In just two entries, the Mass Effect story has woven a rich tapestry of characters, worlds, and alien species, quickly becoming a formidable sci-fi epic. For those two entries, players have been using the game's robust setting to craft their own takes on the series' hero, Shepard, choosing not just his (or her) appearance, but also through choices they make throughout the game's story. With all the focus being on Shepard though, it's easy to forget how great the franchise's cast of squadmates has been. (Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

zeal0us  +   938d ago
Garrus, the squadmate I could always count on

I love how Liara went from innocent little kitten to running sh*t, Like a Boss.
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Rainstorm81  +   938d ago
Wrex is my number 1. I was so disappointed with the test tube Krogan in ME2.

Cant wait til ME3
synchroscheme  +   937d ago

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Hellsvacancy  +   938d ago
Legion for me, i like his voice
AznGaara  +   937d ago
Liara and Garrus are the perfect pair. When facing a squad of enemies that are grouped together just use Liara's singularity then Garrus' overload and if your a Vanguard use charge then a shotgun blast and their pretty much dead lol. Well that's the strategy I used in the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC and pretty much all through ME1 except Vanguards didn't have charge back then so I used throw. Plus Garrus is a badass and Liara is my wife whom my female Shepard has remained faithful to since ME1 :)
Laxman  +   937d ago
Garrus is one of those NPC characters in a game who you just want to play as becuase he is such a legend. Garrus spin-off game? (And yes, I know it would probably be a very terrible idea on a few levels to actually make one)
NeXXXuS  +   937d ago
I almost always had Garrus and Legion in my party together.
topgun33  +   937d ago
Kasumi was a waste of a spot imo. I would have put that Zaeed the bounty hunter in her spot, and would have added Samara also. I would have gotten rid of Miranda because Jack is on the list and they are both biotics, so in theory you only need one. Further Jack's story was more interesting than Miranda's. Mordin's number is too low.
This would be my 10

1) Liara
2) Garrus
3) Wrex
4) Tali
5) Jax
6) Mordin
7) Zaeed
8) Samara
9) Legion
Swiggins  +   937d ago
Garrus was always my Go-To squadmate, but I like Legion as well in a pinch.

Romance? Tali all the way....

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