Japanese Ad Proclaims: GT5 Is A Game And Is Not Reality

A Japanese family walks into an electronics store, and is amazed by the visual quality of Gran Turismo 5. The dad is startled to find out that he's not watching a TV program -- but a game. He stands, amazed in wonder of the awesome power that is the PS3. Honestly, wouldn't it be so cool if your folks had the same reaction?

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Relcom3752d ago

Thats how they should market it here too. It creats buzz about the game.

marinelife93752d ago

Brilliant commercial. They should make a US version.

Danja3752d ago

awesome Ad..what the hell is he saying

YoMeViet3752d ago

awesome, simply awesome.

Bonsai12143752d ago

i love the obscene amount of sony stuff in the background. bravia, sony, more sony, more bravia.. lol. can't complain though, that game does look incredible.

wetowel3752d ago

My dad had the exact same reaction when seeing GT prologue demo.... just not in japanese. LOL

akaFullMetal3752d ago

thats pretty funny, wish i could understand what he was saying, ahahahah

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The story is too old to be commented.