The British Development Talent Powering the Vita

PS3T: The Vita's launch window line-up features a huge amount of games from the very best development talent Britain has to offer. We spoke to the cream of the crop to discuss what makes the Vita so attractive and what the state of British development is in 2012.

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Matrix2k2536d ago

Make no mistake japan is where the best of vita is coming from

Rockdown2536d ago

A new and positive article about the vita!! This is rarer than hens teeth!

GribbleGrunger2536d ago

please, please, PLEASE, don't tempt fate!!! if only we could persuade the media that the PS3/Vita was made by MS...

miyamoto2536d ago

" At the heart of this Japanese beast lays some serious British design knowhow. LittleBigPlanet, LEGO Harry Potter, Top Darts, MotorStorm RC, Little Deviants, F1 2011, Hustle Kings and WipEout 2048 represent a big chunk of the launch window line-up and some of the very best British development talent."

Yet ungrateful British gaming media like Eurogamer, IGN UK, Edge,Digital Foundry, et al are notorious for the negativity & bashing they spew on the PlayStation brand in favor of Microsoft for the last 7 years!

I always admired Media Molecule, the finest British development house this gen with Cambridge Studio, Double Eleven Limited, Tarsier Studios and Sony XDev Europe, single evenhandedly creating the Play Create Share genre yet these bastard-crooks of gaming give their own no respect.

This is how twisted western gaming media has become against the PlayStation.

tarbis2536d ago

I can't wait to play these amazing games that they are offering. I hope European game developers become more competitive and innovative as Japanese developers.