Tester 3: Cast broken down and chances on winning

The complete Tester 3 cast broken down and what "personality" type they play on the show. Also their chances on winning.

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Pandamobile2386d ago

Egoraptor better win this.

He's the only one of them that actually has a shot at doing something besides being a game tester.

HebrewHammer2386d ago

Strongly disagree. EgoRaptor was undoubtedly the most hilarious and creative, but to say that nobody else there has potential? Hardly.

They're all incredible people and could excell anywhere.

Pandamobile2386d ago (Edited 2386d ago )

You know you're all competing for the lowest paying job in the industry right? And you're aware that the chances of moving up from QA to something meaningful is rather slim, right?

Not to crush your dreams or anything like that, but I just hope you know what you're competing for.

HebrewHammer2386d ago

Wrong on ALL of those bud.

#1. This is NOT for a tester position. It's for a production position at Santa Monica studios.

#2. Will Powers who won Season 1 has been moving up a lot out in San Diego.

But I understand your confusion. I had the same sentiments as you at one point.

Nitrowolf22386d ago

@ Panda

This isn't your ordinary game testing. I know what your thinking, but these guys have been moving up since then. The position they are essentially getting is more of an investment compared to your average game tester that is always advertised on TV and such. They aren't looking for a game tester otherwise they wouldn't waste so much time on a show looking for one. They are looking for a new member of their team.

NeloAnjelo2386d ago

@ Panda... Think of it as a graduate position within a company... These guys move up and they are genuinely interested in gaming.

It not only benefits the industry, but it's also a great opportunity. Many move on to media, communication, production, etc, and even go on to further their studies in graphics and design.

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HebrewHammer2386d ago

I'm RealityPalez...

And I shat myself reading this!
Awesome break-down!

NeloAnjelo2386d ago

I didn't apply but voted daily on the site. I remember you guys.

I will be watching religiously this season. On PSN though, as the UK never shows anything gamer related on TV that's worth watching.

nightmarex1212386d ago

Nice that you made it, your audition was pretty good.

HebrewHammer2386d ago

Much appreciated guys! I hope you enjoy watching it in Feb!

LETHIS2386d ago

Thanks Hebrew. I was on the Tester site. Made the first page on the last round and got called by the producers but no go. I was the first one to comment on your video "saying it didnt follow the rules" but you made it. ^_^. I talked to ego, krysti and cherry the day before and after filming. Would love to get an one on one with you......

HebrewHammer2386d ago

Haha! I remember that! See? Rules are meant to be broken. LOL And I'd be honored to do a one on one with you friend.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2386d ago

This show sucks. They should host their own gaming tournament and post it on PSN rather than this garbage "reality" show.

PLAYER50952386d ago

wonders whats happenin wit the gay guy from the tester 2

LETHIS2386d ago

If you are referring to Gaymer. He now works for a newspaper/mag company out in Cali. Cool fact, it was become of him they done away with the testing position and now have a production position.