Gran Turismo 5: Prologue previewed by PSU

Gran Turismo. These two words are enough to light the gaming community on fire. The popular racing series has been a staple for both hardcore and casual racing fans alike for over ten years. While the series has always managed to impress gamers in all areas such as graphics, realism, and computer AI, the series has been long overdue for a next generation sequel to match the pace of modern racing titles. Thankfully, we won't have to wait for much longer.

Most appropriately titled Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, Polyphony's latest game may appear at first to have a deceiving title. However, further playtime quickly proved to solidify the game's release as more than a trivial tech demonstration.

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SmokeyMcBear3754d ago

did I just read this right??

"You'll also be able to tell if you have any mods installed in your car by simply listening. That super charger you just installed sounds just like its real life counterpart. Many fans of the series may also be pleased to learn that damage modelling has finally been implemented with Prologue. On the whole, the damage effects are quite realistic and we can safely say that the days of the Gran Turismo series being called a 'bumper car simulator' are over."

uhhh... wasnt expecting prolouge to have damage.. and didnt even care about it, but if it has it.. one less thing to harp about i guess. I just hope the windshield doesnt shatter when i dent my bumper, or paint looking like it got hit by a sand blaster when i crash.

power0919993754d ago

I mean I knew dmg was going to be added, but I thought it was only supposed to be on the "racing" models. Not all of them.


Maddens Raiders3754d ago

You read that right. The best gets better and the anticipation, even stronger. What a game this will be and it's only a demo -- but a whale of a "demo" indeed.

<Off topic> -

Has anyone had any trouble viewing the new GTTV material lately? I downloaded the new R34 video, but after watching it a few times, I can't get it to open anymore. If you know something let me know! Take care.

sonarus3754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

gonna wait for official confirmation this isnt the first time damage modelling has been claimed however there has never been any proof or anything conclusive. Considering how good GT looks the damage modelling would have to match up if not it will take away from the general quality of the game and to be quite frank i dnt knw if they can pull it off...Then again i never thought they could pull of screen shots that look realer than real life either lol. But overall if they can't get it to match the quality of the game they might as well not add it

info3754d ago

I would take it with a huge grain of salt....considering the guy is just confusing pixels and polygons , I think its just a reharsh of what has been said before, they just write stuff as they go along...

2Negativecool3754d ago

I can't believe they put that it GT5 would have car damage and get everyone's hopes up. Such completely retarded misinformation!

Look, they've been discussing this for a while, and it will have NO damage! Of every site, anywhere, EVER, this is the only person that has stated it will contain car damage. The devs THEMSELVES have stated over and over it will not have car damage, that they would have to rework the physics engine.

GT5 having car damage would be HUGE news and every blogging site would post up. No one has stated anything about it having car damage, so this guy is talking out of his a$$.

2Negativecool3754d ago

Proof he's talking out of his a$$, the moron doesn't know the difference between a "pixel" and a "polygon."
Also, he states that the computer AI was a big selling point---Most have argued that the opponent AI needs improvement in every GT game.

I would be surprised if this twat has ever even played a GT game.

sonarus3754d ago

When did the devs say there would be no damage model. They said a damage model was in the works and there has been a lot of confusion. As far as i knw many popular news sites 1up is the one that really comes to mind asked polyphony directly and they were told damage model would make it into prologue. That is what i remember however no one has seen it in action. There was a rumor that damage would only make it to the blu ray release of the game. I am extremely skeptical about GT damage model i honestly don't think cars that look that good can have damage there has to be a compromise somewhere however i didnt think cars could look realer than real life either lol. Overall i am quite skeptical but i will keep an open mind until i see a pic or video showing a car damaged. I even remember when some french magazine interviewed them earlier this yr and they said damage would be included as well as WEATHER EFFECTS. All i want is direct confirmation or denial of all these rumors but till then these are just rumors

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Bonsai12143754d ago (Edited 3754d ago )

gotta disagree with the "computer AI."

however, it seems as though they've fixed this in gt5. the prologue demo had cars passing each other.

anyways, yes, those two words have enough weight on them to move millions of systems.

time out.. damage? man, i really need to read articles before i comment on them.. lol

Greysturm3754d ago

Grand turismo the only racing game worth mentioning

True 1080p
locked 60fps
Best cars modeling in a game
16 cars races
True sound

Where are the nacie pancies that kept screaming pgr or forza were better?

Danja3754d ago

umm Forza and PGR are next gen racers..? those game looks like upscaled xbox games...!!

GT5P kills w/e..exclusive racer the 360 has...haha..wait till GT5 arrives..!!

ruibing3754d ago

They had me on damage modeling.

PimpHandHappy3754d ago

i will smoke em like i have on the demo

I cant wait for this game!!

I have been playing GT games for years

This and burnout will be my racers for a very long time

Till atleast the full version of GT5 comes out

Azures3754d ago

AI is meant to be beaten, so go online! ;)

Marceles3754d ago

"Cars in Gran Turismo 4 were composed of an average of 4000 pixels. In GT5: Prologue, cars will be composed of an average of 200,000 pixels"

Lol @ pixels...I think they mean polygons. I can't wait to see the score Famitsu gives Prologue.

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