PCZone Magazine Gives 9/10 To Unreal Tournament 3

Just like its predecessors, UT3 is a game that shuns the contemporary, tactical, role-based approach used by so many recent multiplayer FPS titles, instead sticking to the tried and tested manic gameplay mechanic that propelled the original to international multiplayer superstardom at the end of the last millennium.

While the future of team and multiplayer first-person shooters may well lie with the class-based war zones of Battlefield, Quake Wars and Team Fortress, UT3 proves that there's still oodles of room for the more straightforward multiplayer frag-fest.

Its single-player campaign may be weak and forgettable, but its true genius lies in the untouchable quality of its firefights, its splendiferous visuals, diverse level design, massive attention to detail and downright awesome vehicles and weapons.

No other game on the market can equal its thrill and frenetic nature, and while there may be larger, more populated and tactically adept virtual-battlefield games out there, as a pure multiplayer fragging and vehicular FPS experience, UT3 is utterly peerless.

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