What's Wrong with Japanese RPGs

GameZone's Vito Gesualdi takes a look at why Japanese RPGs are failing, and what they can do to compete with the likes of Western titles like Skyrim.

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D3mons0ul2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

"The problem is that when the game's entire cast tops out at the age of nineteen, I find myself completely unable to relate to these whiny brats and their ridiculous problems. And I can hardly believe that this is a personal problem given the average age of gamers is now pegged at around 35-years-old, JRPGs seem entirely marketed towards the Twilight crowd, encouraging the ridiculous "youth = awesome" myth that really doesn't appeal to an audience suffering from male pattern baldness. These games are supposed to be escapist fantasies (No, you're just supposed to enjoy the story for what it is. You're a dick), not reminders of how much youthful potential we've squandered (That's YOUR problem). The teenage kid at the drive-thru can't even get my burger order right and I'm expected to believe he's more capable of saving the world than me? (He probably is, then again these are fantasy games so real world teenagers aren't expected to save the world. So basically, you want unnecessary realism in a genre that doesn't at all warrant it) Time for some age-appropriate heroes, c'mon now."

In short: "I'm ugly as hell and these games make me feel bad about myself."

I love how he speaks ill of basically ALL anime and confirms how ignorant he is of it within the same paragraph. Oh and we were all "tricked" into thinking anime is cool. Oh and apparently DBZ is a children's show. Anybody who has watched the japanese version, kai uncut or read the manga would tell you otherwise. So again, fucking fail.

This dude needs to educate himself and stop speaking for anybody other than himself.

Oh and he basically shits on everything JRPG fans like about JRPGs and says they need to be changed. What is this? Some guy rants about games he doesn't even enjoy? I mean, seriously. He's basically shitting on JRPGs as we have come to know them since FF7. That's still quite some time ago. So you're just another member of the "JRPGS died on PS1" cult? good to know, now nothing you say is valid. It's time to stop hanging onto the nostalgia of 2D, buddy. If those were the only JRPGs you liked then maybe you never really liked JRPGs for the right reasons.

Not everything he said is wrong though. JRPGs could stand to include more mature protagonists and yeah FFXIII wasn't all that and the game was very linear. And don't get me wrong, I'm all for the right changes being made to JRPGs, changes we have already begun to see in games like Demon's Souls/Xenoblade and The Last Story. Catherine is pretty unique, oh and that one game that's been in development for 5-6 years, FINAL FANTASY VERSUS XIII

But when you present your points in such an insulting and frankly dickish manner...FU

MagicAccent2506d ago

Dude, Demon's Souls is not a JRPG. It's a western style RPG developed by a Japanese studio.

Neither is Catherine.

Doesn't sound like you know what you're talking about either.

Baka-akaB2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Dear god ... Demon Souls is a jrpg . it's another subgenre that is more obscure (like the japanese Wizardry , still alive and kicking) but has been a staple for a few publishers like From Software for at least the past 15 years . Pretty much all from software had to publish was that (under the ancestral form of King's fields ) and Armored core .

Just like there are various kind of wrpg , not all of them are cookie cutter and tailored upon FF.

Catherine now is particular ... mostly puzzle with hybrid dating sim and rpg parts .

Baka-akaB2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Sorry if i'm flippant and sounding a tad hostile there , but there have been many silly stuff attached to DS lately , especially those mostly random Elder Scrolls/DS comparisons

Simon_Brezhnev2506d ago

Only thing i can agree with is we need more mature JRPGs. My favorite JRPGs this generation is Valkyria Chronicles and Folklore. I also liked Eternal Sonata some.

dark-hollow2506d ago

You gotta try xenoblade.
Imo the best jrpg this gen by a mile!

dc12506d ago

Love all three listed above
@dark-hollow, I'll be sure to try xenoblade

banjadude2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

@ Simon

You sir, have great taste in games (all 3 you mentioned are one of my few favourite RPGs of this generation).

D3mons0ul2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Speaking of JRPGs of this gen

WKC2 just came in the mail.

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Baka-akaB2506d ago

Seriously that kind of rant sounds more like "what's wrong with jrpgs is that i'd like them to be something else , like wrpg" than anything else .

So instead of quetioning their own taste , wich may or may not have changed , they question a valid genre instead .

I've seen on some chinese and japanese forums boards people nitpick at every tropes , flaws and tired clichés of wrpgs , open like the elder scrolls or otherwise , or just plainly western games and their heroes , and they too can't come out unscathed .

Basically if you barge in looking at everything negatively , of course you'll find dirt . Pretend otherwise , but stuff like the muscular and dumb space/modern marines got as much mileage as the jrpg teen savior . Those guys just wanna pretend otherwise , because that musclor and other stereotypes they like and got tired of the other ones .

As for sales , they only truy begun dropping when they actually started to listen to dudes like the author , instead of keeping their style .
As a result you end up with some hybrid sh*t that still wont appeal to jrpg non-fans and as a massive bonus turn off their own fans .

Whenever , lately , a popular jrpg studio stayed true to their roots and catered instead to their fans , they actually met success rather easily . Just look at Xilia among other things

dc12506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

@D3 and BaKa
Good points. Unfortunately, I stopped reading after the writer acknowledged that he did not know if HBO's 'Game of Thrones' was based on a book and the following comment: "as a real American, I never read a book in my life".

VitoGesualdi2506d ago

You stopped reading after I made a blatant joke, followed up by an even more nerdy literary joke you likely failed to comprehend? Awesome.

VitoGesualdi2506d ago

Author of the article here.

Dragonball Z is a shonen manga. It's primary audience is young boys aged 8-15.

That is all.

Ninjews2506d ago

Deadman wonderland is also shounen.
Give it a read and tell me if that's the correct age group for it.

VitoGesualdi2506d ago

I've read part of Deadman Wonderland. Seems like 14-19 is about the age group. Still nowhere close to average age of gamers.

Baka-akaB2506d ago

Deadman Wonderland was published in Shonen Ace , so yeah shonen magazine , but Ace is still with usually more mature tones , content and less mainstream than the likes of jump

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zeal0us2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Whats wrong with some JRPGs is that they stray from their roots. Some of the companies trying to cut corners by leaving things out. Some of the companies trying to jump on the boat called DLC. Charging fans/customers for stuff that probably should already be in the game. The only time I should be buying dlc is for expansions/new quests/missions.

vikingland12506d ago

I loved Lost Odyssey because Kaim was a badass not some pre teen. I think jrpgs are kinda out dated now days. This is my opinion not a fact.

Redempteur2506d ago

Again ?
What's wrong with japanese rpgs ?

Nothing ....
Move along people...
Dark soul ? Tales of xillia ?Atelier totori ? Xenoblade ?
No i see nothing wrong with Jrpgs in 2011
All 4 have nothing in common And all 4 are at the top of their game.
Jrpgs aren't defined by one brand ..and they are fine.

Inception2506d ago

Article #500356 about JRPG is failling and WRPG is dah best -_-

Well, personally i don't really care what this guy thinking about JRPG. Cause i will enjoy a lot of great JRPG in 2012!
Tales of Graces F, Ni no Kuni, Grand Knights History, Persona 4 Golden, Ys IV, and more! ;)

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