How to Save the PlayStation Vita

IGN: With Japanese sales lagging, the Podcast Beyond crew lays out a plan of action.

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TurretKiller2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

Jesus christ...

It dosen't NEED saving...its fine

It's doing just fine

GribbleGrunger2534d ago

yeah, Jesus Christ! is about right. the media has finally gone barking mad. what next? an article on how to save the PS4 maybe

TurretKiller2534d ago

You know, the way things are going, they probably already have draft articles of them

Colwyn2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

the only thing the vita need is to release a lot of software to cater to different types of gamers and non gamers. the vita will cater to every gamer on this site, from hi def gamers on ps3 and xbox 360 to the fans of the ds and 3ds. the ps vita is amazing which a lot wont see until they try it. the vita is powerful enough where it can stream movies and be used as a phone but itll be up to sony to decide. i have a ps vita and it just crushes all mobile devices i have in features and power. all it needs are software and majority of gamers and fanboys alike will line up for it. most hardcore gamers love to play games but cant play those games outside in a park or on a train but the ps vita solves that or can solve it. its powerful enough to satisfy the techies and graphics whores such as myself who loves cutting edge graphics and gaming technology but itll be in mobile form. the vita is the saviour for all the hardcore gamers and casuals who wants a powerful device on the go. ::bows in respect::

dedicatedtogamers2534d ago

Now IGN is just trolling for hits. Ain't clicking the link.

Keep in mind that they did almost the same thing for the 3DS once it was out for a month, but this being a Sony system, I'm not at all surprised that they're pulling this a full month before the thing is even released. I can't wait for articles after the first few days of sales to be like "VITA HAS ALREADY FLOPPED! SONY TO CANCEL PRODUCTION?!?!"

It's a sad time to be a gamer. It's sad when these so-called "gaming sites" are absolutely pissing on everything it means to be a gamer.

Solid_Snake372534d ago

IGN... IGN has been seriously going downhill these couple of years. Oh, before i forget: PS VITA does not need saving, it hasnt been released in the west, so how can you say it needs saving?

Ares84HU2534d ago


I'm back in 2006/2007.

It's a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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StraightPath2534d ago

ign recently are relently destroying the vita with articles..does that mean sony fans will hate them now after giving UC3 10/10 they decided to love them :D

-Alpha2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

Like many other sites, they see something developing and capitalize on the situation.

Vita sales in Japan not up to expectation? Slumping? Time to go ape s*it and churn as much out of the situation as possible. There's always a bit of truth to these things, but the end result is always exaggeration, assumption, and mayhem. Sure, the Japan sales aren't as strong as some hyped them to be, but this is just the equal negative reaction to all the positive reaction the Vita had.

These sites just reflect the extremes of the current situation, Sony fans will of course get annoyed with it, but they should also remember the ridiculous 3DS articles IGN created. Sony fans did not complain about those, and now we are seeing the opposite: Non-Sony fans supporting Vita doom articles while Sony fans cursing IGN. Happens all the time.

It's a constant back and forth game. It's like the army of fans fight the wars and the website gods jump in from time to time to stir everything up.

If you like these websites when they favor you and hate them when they don't, you can't ever complain about the stupidity of the website in general.

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smashcrashbash2534d ago

It hasn't even gone worldwide and it needs saving. I suppose the PS1, PS2 and PSP needed saving too when this exact same situation happened to them? Oh yeah, the PS1 which sold 100 million units and is one if the best consoles ever made in the history of gaming needed saving according to Forbes.

Any chance we can cut the Sony will fail BS early this time before people make fools of themselves again? Or would you rather look stupid when the sales figures get better so you can backpedal and make excuses like 'Well. it still didn't do as good as the........ Gameboy Advance.'

ElliePage2534d ago

Getting rid of all the gimmicks would be a start. The main reason I chose PSP over the DS was because the PSP had less gimmicks. Now the 3DS has less gimmicks so I'll purchase that over the Vita (if I decide to get a handheld at all).

Infernostew2534d ago

I don't understand what you mean by gimmicks.

BubloZX2534d ago

Do you know what a gimmick is? That's all the 3ds is, the crappy 3D function is the main selling point, that and Mario.The only gimmicky thing about the vita is..... its smartphone like functionality which isn't really a gimmick but a plus. And spec wise this thin is pretty damn epic. But I have both so I can judge both

Ulf2534d ago (Edited 2534d ago )

3DS: near useless 3D, SpotPass, StreetPass + MiiPlaza/FindMii/PuzzleMii, single analog stick, sketchy download service, etc. etc. compared to full PSN support + trophies, dual analogs, plus 100s of excellent, downloadable PSP games already available via PSN...

...and you're calling the *Vita* for having "gimmicks", in comparison to the 3DS? Wow. Next, people will be upset that PSN is free, when you could be paying $60/year for it instead.

TurretKiller2534d ago

The Gimmicks are optional

For example you can play Uncharted GA with the touch screen or normaly.

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lorianguy2534d ago

I think the article should be called "How to save the hating, doom&gloom journalism thats spamming my N4G page these days"

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