I Was a Mobile Games Hater

Alexa Ray Corriea of DualShockers writes about how an iPhone won her over to mobile gaming, and how she is a dirty, dirty hypocrite.

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fluffydelusions2383d ago

I to play games on my phone but they are all basically time wasters when I'm on the train, bus, at the laundromat etc. I wouldn't consider any of these games full on games like ps3, 360, vita, 3ds etc.

darthv722383d ago

to build up quality games, like consoles display, on a mobile device. We have been gaming the same way for 30 years and i can see why so many are dead set against mobility (or motion for that matter) because it challenges what we hold dear to us.

Full engaging button mashing games. Yet why not see things progress? I mean phones were always just that. A phone but there must have been a demand for the phone to do more. Adding in email and web searching and (back then) you had people saying it would never replace the desktop computer.

People said the same thing about the laptop but I digress. Perhaps mobile gaming isnt out to rule the world (or maybe it is) but it will be some time before we get there. Simple easy to play games are still games. If you like games enough then people should at least give them a chance.

I mean it took some time for there to be the different genres of games but now they are common place for rpg, action, racing, so mobile can just be another genre added to the mix.

StraightPath2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Infinity Blade is iphones killer app. Even though not a gaming centred device it shows it can pull great visuals. There are great games on mobile devices that utilise the touch function. A small game for example " Cut the rope " is pretty addictive and would quality perhaps for a PSN or XBLA game.

alexaray2383d ago

I haven't taken a look at Infinity Blade yet, thanks for the suggestion!

dedicatedtogamers2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Why are we so apologetic toward mobile gaming? It has a lot of blatant limitations and shortfalls, yet everyday all I hear is about how "amazing" mobile gaming is, and if I'm not hearing that, I'm hearing about how "handhelds are dead" and how "mobile gaming is the future".

I'd like to see a more balanced article about mobile gaming for once, JUST ONCE. Not every gamer loves mobile gaming, myself included. Mobile gaming feels like eating cotton candy all day long. And when I've grown up eating 3-course meals since the late '80s playing games in arcades, on PC, on consoles, and on handhelds...well, I'm sure my fellow gamers can understand why I'm not exactly sold on mobile gaming.

EDIT: and her argument - "what's to stop the Angry Bird players from branching out into bigger games?" - is totally, totally naive. We asked that exact same question with the Nintendogs and Brain Age generation on the DS, and they didn't branch out. We asked that exact same question with the Wii Fit and Wii Sports generation on the Wii, and they didn't branch out, either. Why would iPhone - which has SHORTER, CHEAPER, and SIMPLER gamers - encourage people to magically branch out? Huh?

allenhpark2383d ago

I don't quite understand your argument there. You say you were raised in the 80's playing games in arcades, etc etc, and that's the reason why you're not sold on mobile gaming?

Do you remember what games were like back then? They were rudimentary, ugly looking things that, by today's standards, didn't do anything truly complicated or challenging. That's a direct parallel to where mobile gaming is right now; sure you have "cotton candy" right now, but give it a few years, and you will most certainly have games that may graduate to "hot dogs and hamburgers". Even now, with stuff like Sword and Sworcery and Infinity Blade, you're seeing the slow but steady ascent of mobile gaming as a legitimate platform.

And I wouldn't say that's a naive argument. I mean, you just answered your own question as to why iPhone gamers would branch out: these games are shorter, cheaper, and simpler. Length has never been a determining factor for what makes a game a "core" game or whatever, so that's moot, but yes, they're much MUCH cheaper, and still can provide amazing entertainment.

And true, they're simpler, but do you honestly think they're always going to be simple?

Fact of the matter is, we may not see fringe gamers making the jump into "legit" video games because our peers are a bunch of old dogs, and you know what they say about old dogs learning new tricks. However, have you gone out and noticed just how many parents are giving their kids their iPhones to play on while they're grocery shopping, or at the mall, or generally being occupied? These children are growing up with mobile gaming; this is their generation's Tetris, or Super Mario Land, and like it or not, they're our future.

rabidpancakeburglar2383d ago

I know they aren't proper games. The only game for my iPhone which I play outside of a train journey is Zenonia.

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lorianguy2383d ago

Lemme guess... "...Then you took an arrow to the knee"?

I've seen that so many times I instantly think that now!

StayStatic2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Same lol xD

I find this helps

lorianguy2383d ago that's some soothing stuff ;)

alexaray2383d ago

Well now I wish I made that joke - what a wasted opportunity!

Smashbro292383d ago

This is idiotic. To think the current iPhone can compete with a PSP for gaming is ridiculous. You can't play real games with no buttons.

DarkBlood2383d ago

a game is still a game regardless.

frankiebeans2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

mobile game sales are highest on phones arent they?
i mean really my nieces picked a tablet over a 3ds for christmas for angry birds, cut the rope, fruit ninja.I also will be getting a tablet over a psp because it has more features annd allot more useful.

Hicken2383d ago

Then you're obviously not getting it for gaming, and neither are your nieces. It just happens to be a bonus that it plays some games.

I'm sorry, but smart devices do not compare to handhelds, and nor do their games. It's the "a rectangle is a square" issue: a PSP can play any iPhone game, but an iPhone cannot play any PSP game. And while smartphones and tablets are pretty good at many different tasks, it's rare- assuming that it's ever the case- that they are superior in capacity to any dedicated device it emulates: the web browsers and processing are not as good as a PC, the gaming is not as good as a console/handheld, and the phone service isn't as reliable as a landline.

frankiebeans2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Yes they actually got it for games, when they were asked what do you want for christmas a 3ds or a tablet they said they wanted a tablet so they can play them games so they were bought 2 sony tabs for christmas theyre 7 and 8 and play the games on our phones and ipad when we see them all the time and have not touched the dsi ever since they started playing them games.

and as for me i think the games on phones and tablets are more then enough fun for a mobile game and dont need to be anything more and the over all package just suits me more then a psp does now a days but back when the first psp came out i did not have a phone/tablet that can play games so i bought the psp.

and maybe they dont compare to you but to the majority of people having a phone/tablet or even an ipod and them games is more then enough and the numbers show it.

MrDead2383d ago

The only game that I like to play on my phone is the original Doom it works well on the phones mini keyboard, Angry Birds can suck my BFG.

alexaray2383d ago

I played Angry Birds halfway through, and then got rid of it. I'm not a big fan of it, myself. I find it boring.

_LarZen_2383d ago

Nice article, but it wil only make a shit storm from a bunch of children that dont understand the impact mobile gaming has had.

So now we sitt back, get something good to drink and watch the comedy of the "real gamers" rage like the little trolls they are.

Enjoy the show!

dedicatedtogamers2383d ago

I guess the "adult" (Apple junkies) simply overestimate the "impact" mobile gaming has had.

And while we're at it, if we're going to praise mobile gaming so much, we should praise Facebook gaming thrice as often, since it has had more influence on gaming.

_LarZen_2383d ago

Your logic is flawed, Facebook games have no impact on stand alone gaming handhelds.

Mobile phones and pads do...

Do some recherche before answering, it aint that hard to google the mather. There is alot of information out there from developers and the industry.

But they are all wrong aint them? They aint "real gamers" and have no clue...they just make the games.

Apple junkies you say? Grown much lately?

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