Where the Presidential Candidates Stand on Video Game Legislation

Via GamePolitics, a brief summary of the political stances of the United States Presidential candidates regarding video game legislation. The article looks at both a piece from the New York Times as well as an online Q&A with the candidates.

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name3937d ago (Edited 3937d ago )

Oh joy.


It's great that Obama, Edwards, and Richardson are for the industry policing itself. Unlike... a certain candidate who wanted san andreas banned.

HeavyRaines173937d ago

It's funny that Mitt Romney wants more policing of video games when he is the only presidential candidate I have seen advertise on this site. Hypocritical much?

tony3937d ago

romney surely is a hypocrite and a scary politician that would do whatever it takes to take control over people decisions. who wants a president like that? well people that are unhappy with their lives and try to push their misery on others. politicians are for the weak.

solar3937d ago

all politicians do that. thats nothing new. sadly we supposedly "need" politicians. sigh...

jinn3936d ago

videogames are above the law