Hellgate Global boasts 40% female characters

In Hellgate Global, 60% of the created characters are male, and 40% are female.

The marksman class is popular with people who are new to the game, being the most created class, but the least likely to progress.

Meanwhile, the veteran-friendly guardian is the most-progressed class.

There is a gender divide in terms of progress too. Female Guardians noted as the most highly leveled, and male marksman players are at the bottom.

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Emilio_Estevez2535d ago

And 95% of those females are dudes in real life.

TurretKiller2535d ago

So true

I always pick a female when playing on an RPG for the Elder Scrolls, Fallout I usualy try and create myself but with RPGs I go with a female character.

I don't know why really...when you get the choice to be male of female I would pick female but if a female character was forced upon me I would probably moan on why I don't have a choice.