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Submitted by Abriael 1498d ago | news

Guinness Recognizes Star Wars: The Old Republic As Largest Entertainment Voice Over Project Ever

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been recognized in the newly released Guinness World Records 2012 Gamer’s Edition as the largest entertainment voice over project ever. (PC, Star Wars:The Old Republic)

Mister_V  +   1498d ago
This makes me happy. So not surprised though :) Awesome job Bioware!
ATi_Elite  +   1498d ago
it may also be the most expensive game ever made!

$150 to $200 million plus another $100 for Studio/Customer Service center.
vortis  +   1498d ago
Yeah but too bad they didn't spend the money on innovating the genre instead of paying all those people to talk into microphones. It makes the genre look stupid that a $200 million dollar game plays like something from 2004.

Vindictus just poops all over SW:TOR when it comes to gameplay, especially considering that SW:TOR is using mechanics from 2004.

But I guess Star Wars fans would prefer to have a lot of voice overs as opposed to an up-to-date MMO.
Abriael  +   1498d ago
@Vortis: that's an innovation for the genre in itself. Sorry to bursy a bubble there :D

Not that the game isn't up to date. It actually is.

Vindictus is nice, but it's little more than a cheap F2P MMORPG. SWTOR grinds it into the ground quality-wise.

I play games, I don't play dates.
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