Skyrim fans, rejoice; gionight has released his custom ENBSeries settings

DSOGaming writes: "Skyrim fans, rejoice. The moment you've all been waiting for has come. Modder gionight has finally released his custom ENBSeries settings, meaning that you can finally test them for yourselves and enjoy Skyrim in all its glory."

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SnakeCQC2539d ago

any idea of the performance hit of this?

john22539d ago

Similar to the vanilla ENBSeries. If there is a bigger hit, edit the .ini file and disable SSAO (in case it's enabled by default)

Braid2538d ago

ENB series drops down the performance a bit (about 5FPS) but it's worth it. If you try the mod, it's very difficult to go back to the vanilla settings as the graphics seem so dull after ENB.

Boris's original ENB comes with Ambient Occlussion deactivated by default. Download this tweaked version and disable SSAO, and you're good to go.

nepdyse2539d ago

I want to download this mod, but it so damn complicated or maybe it isn't. I am new to PC gaming and all this is a bit overwhelming, I googled how to download a mod, and none of them are in english.

ginsunuva2539d ago

All you need.

nepdyse2539d ago

I know about the site lol, the thing is you have to mess around with game files after you download the mod which I have no idead how to.

john22538d ago

It's easy really. Just a copy-paste procedure in most cases ;)

Gawdl3y2538d ago

If you use Nexus Mod Manager, it does everything for you.
Even manually, the worst you'll ever have to do is copy and paste files...

BenderDGreat822538d ago

YouTube how to install skyrim mods. That's where I learned about a week ago and now I can't stop installing these awesome mods.

Jason22538d ago

I swear the enbs series I use now looks much better than this....I just tried this out...and went right back to the version I was using before...