OnLive is a Finalist for the Crunchies ‘Best Technology Achievement’ Award

n late November we announced that OnLive fans could nominate OnLive for the 2011 Crunchies Awards. There were several categories that we felt OnLive could have fit into. Today, TechCrunch announced the finalists for all of the categories.

OnLive is a finalist in the “Best Technology Achievement” category.

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DJMarty2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

The only award 'OnLive' should get is the 'Pile of shit tech award'. Then it would be closely fought between OnLive/Kinect.

Fishy Fingers2536d ago

What would of been a better condender then? PS Move, Xperia play, anything with a Sony logo? Am I close?

SilentNegotiator2536d ago

That's like "outsourcing" winning the labor technology of the year award. Low quality work done somewhere else with only deceptively cheaper costs. You'd get more if you did it locally, and despite initial cheaper costs, games are still about the same price.

veChuy2536d ago

HAHAA ONLAG!! this services is so bad i tried and it sucks