Eurogamer Reviews Pokémon Battle Revolution: 4/10

Dan Whitehead writes:

"Considering how much time Anna the receptionist can spend guffing on about the game at the start, it's amazing how little substance the whole thing has. If you've got a DS, plus Pearl or Diamond, and you've got a sizable collection of Pokémon that you'd like to see rendered in 3D on the TV, then Battle Revolution might be worth the asking price. Even then, you'd have to be a pretty hardcore Pokémon fan. I mean, Mudkip fan art on your walls and everything. But, if that's not you, then this is an entirely pointless release that makes no effort to give you value for money. You peasant."

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wiizy3877d ago

this game has been out for 10 years now and the review is just now being brough up by n4g.....haters..

Probotector3877d ago

so 1 point better than Lair.