Most Memorable Boss Battles of 2011

Matt Randisi writes, "With any great year in gaming, there are always those oh so memorable moments that instantly come to mind when thinking about our favorite releases. Nothing inspires moments of “Hey…remember (insert game here), that (insert moment here) was insane!” quite like a good boss battle; for applicable games of course. What makes a truly “good” boss battle you may wonder? We should consider not only how challenging they are, but how significant, original, and just plain fun they are as well. Each apex antagonist on this list is memorable in his or her own way and truly represent 2011 well as the top ass kickers of gamers everywhere."

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acemonkey2386d ago

dragons really isnt a boss battle? unless its a old or whatever them type of dragons are called

Captain Qwark 92385d ago

most memorable for me has to be the final battle in sonic generations.....i will forever remember what happens when you take a great game and end it with what is possibly the worst final boss battle i have ever had in my 20+ years of gaming!

it wasnt just a lame boss but it was poorly designed, no fun, and to be honest im not even sure how i was hitting it or won! terrible to say the least. ( and somehow the other bosses before that were good, how the hell does that happen )

grahf2385d ago

Yeah I will say what I want about that shit-storm of a game... Dragon Age 2 was horrible, and the Meredith boss at the end was the slimy waste on top of the steaming pile. The last boss might as well have been the Warden Commander, because your choices from DA1 were pointless.

SPOILER -> Leliana isn't dead even if the Warden kills her!

Captain Qwark 92385d ago

kudos to you for even finishing that abomination.

DAO=one of the best games of all time

DA2=i would literally rather pass the time making sculptures with my own feces. i couldnt even make it past a few hrs before i was like "wtf did they do to this franchise :(:(:(:(:(:(:("

grahf2384d ago

I forced myself. I really did, and it was a tough pill to swallow. The only thing that made it bearable was the fact that I was playing a female Hawke that was an absolute smart-ass. Decent dialogue, but it got old after a while. The best line she has takes a shot at the whole genre...

"You're in luck, helping people and killing people are what I do best!" (paraphrased)