Top 5 Most Bizarre Glitches of 2011

X360A - Our Festive Features aren’t just about who’s the best at this and that, they’re all about fun too, you know, because we’re fun guys. This year in particular has had its fair share of rather amusing glitches and today, we turn our attention to the most bizarre and the most amusing glitches of the year – you know, because they’re always likely to either bring a smile or evoke a feeling of, “double-yew tee eff!?” Of course, glitches in games are bad, but they’re inevitable, especially in this day and age of patch-on-the-fly-development, so let us take a minute to “celebrate” the year’s most amusing and downright bizarre.

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Emilio_Estevez2243d ago

Nice...Skyrim gets 3 of the top 5. Still fun as hell.

StayStatic2242d ago

Does the Battlefield picture remind anyone of the T-1000 ?

Yodagamer2242d ago

i still want ea to make a long neck mode, just for the lols

adorie2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

dinosaur mode + long neck mode = brontosaur mode

acemonkey2242d ago

lol skyrim had the list game of the year

Agent_hitman2242d ago

Look at the article's photo of BF3 glitch!, it is called dinosaur mode! lol