Top 5 Easter Eggs of 2011

X360A - In what is the only recurring Festive Feature of the last 4 years, mainly because it’s always so popular and they’re ever so cool, ladies and gents, let us present to you the last Top 5 of 2011: the Top 5 Easter Eggs of the year. Yes, these little beauties might not have much relevance or meaning to a large group of gamers in general, but seeing as we cater to the most hardcore of hardcore gamers here – and every other type, of course – these are our bread and butter. These are the little things that those brave souls developing games create, not for the purpose of shifting games or for use in their promotional push, but for their biggest fans. It’s the proof that these devs are loving what they do. It’s superb fan service… and that’s why we like to shine a big ol’ light on the year’s best every Xmas. Without further ado, here’s our Top 5 Easter Eggs of 2011.

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