Pali: Sony's Blu-Ray Wins DVD War; Hollywood Loses

Pali Research's Rich Greenfield has good news for beleaguered Sony boss Howard Stringer: His company's Blu-Ray format will win the next-gen DVD format war. The bad news for Hollywood: The existing DVD business is in permanent decline, and the next-gen format won't help anytime soon -- if ever.

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gamesblow3790d ago

I've already ceased dvd buying... I bought my last Seinfeld with season 9 last month. I'll continue to get my Simpsons on dvd, to make the collection look decent.. but anything else is now being bought under Blu-ray. I've even bought Rocky, Rambo, Halloween, Evil Dead 2, Dawn of the dead, Day of the dead anda host of other older movies I've had in my dvd collection... And even though My ultimate Dawn collectors set is better than the blu-ray version, overall, I'm still supporting Blu-ray 100% and fully.

I'm glad they're winning and we can't blame Sony for Hollywoods short commings. Toshiba wanted to make it difficult. Blame them.

Bladestar3790d ago

You make it sound as if toshiba was the last one to bring their product into the market... blu-ray came last... so they were the one that wanted to make things difficult. Sony rushed blu-ray into the market... I mean look at how many blu-ray players will become obsolete now with the new specifications.... HD DVD was finalized.

blu-ray is winning the format war, I give you that... but the invader here is blu-ray not HD DVD... it was here first.

TANOD3790d ago

BD is the victor

I feel bad for people who have purchased HD DVD drives

gamesblow3790d ago

But Blade, anyone with a ps3 or buys one will never have an out of date blu-ray player... the new blu-ray players are also set to obtain firmware updates aswell. sony and samsung are both releasing new Blu-ray players at the start of the new year that allows this.

Back to topic, though... Ps3's have the option, as we've all seen, to gain new features, faster drive times and better hrtz rates while watching blu-ray. We got a super white patch early this year as well.

So anyone who wants a ever adapting blu-ray player... get the ps3. simple as that.

CrashSharc3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

I feel the same towards Xbox. I'm not a fanboy, but some part of me just feels wronged by how Ms Stormed into the Console Gaming market...


Marceles3790d ago

heh Crash, bubble for you

hitthegspot3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

@ Gamesblow... What are you talking about? Did you see this?

Speaking of firmware updates or lack there of...

"It's the studio's assumption" that PS3 will be a BD-Live player, said Don Eklund - Sony executive VP of advanced technologies.

looks like Sony is already starting to prepare the industry for some bad news like there will be "No Blu-ray 2.0 update for the PS3". I'm sure we will hear about the difficulties of the 1.1 update soon. If not then why wasn't it covered in this interview? If it's going to be released this month then I would think they would all be yelling about the great news....

How can you disagree? I'm not saying this, Don Eklund - Sony executive VP of advanced technologies is.

Seriously I do want to buy a PS3 or a Blu-ray player, but there is no guarantee that the player is upgradeable to 2.0 and most don't support 1.1. I'm not wasting my money. I work to hard for it. I may change my mind once the PS3 has an update and some exclusive AAA hits.

EZCheez3790d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Newer profiles can't actually be released on the blu-ray discs themselves?

If the PS3 can do FW updates like that I don't see why a blu-ray player couldn't possibly do the same thing.

On topic though, I'm with Gamesblow on this one. I don't buy DVD's anymore. If I can't just get the blu-ray, then I use my Blockbuster online account, which by the way has blu-ray movies as well.

And Bladestar, please do me a favor. Either stop commenting in EVERY PS3 related thread or just go buy a PS3. Seriously, you're acting obsessed with something you don't even have.

EDIT-Cucu33 Didn't you just answer your own question when you listed everyone that makes blu-ray players? Of course everyone associates blu-ray with Sony. They've sold more players than anyone else by including it with the PS3. If the other companies had another product like the PS3 to include blu-ray, they would probably do the same thing. Oh wait, they are, with blu-ray drives for computers as well.

EDIT 2- Cucu33 You're disproving yourself AGAIN. I'm not going to make a long post about it to argue because I have to go to work but nothing changes the fact that right now that blu-ray outsells 2-1. Nothing either one of us say will change that, and you didn't seem to mention anything in your argument that will ever change that fact. You talk as if blu-ray player and PS3 sales will slow down for HD-DVD to catch up. It's not going to happen. All of the points you give change nothing and don't seem to be changing anytime in the near future. What you wrote is personal opinion. So I can't say you're wrong, but just remember it doesn't change facts. You're talking like you're on the losing team.

cuco333790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Can any of you Sony/PS3/Blu-ray fans tell me how Blu-ray is not only a Sony only format... but a PS3 format?

the numbers:

2.7 million BD players in the NA market (PS3 included)..
200k of that are BD stand alones..
100k of that are Sony branded (i.e. S300)..
remaining 100k are one of the following brands: Panisonics, Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, Philips, etc etc etc... oh yeah, you also have players that haven't even hit the market yet, i.e. Denon, Funai, etc etc...

Even the OP titled the thread 'Sonys Blu-ray wins...'

I thought Blu-ray was a format approved by all members in the BDA? Looks to me like Sony dooped all CEs to joining forces due to the PS3 trojan horse than never came...

tsk tsk...

enjoy HD movies in all formats..

embrace both and go purple. it's inevitable. BD has 10 times + (and rising) players yet the software sales, according to Nielsen's, is split 2:1 and closing...

EDIT: to above
One of the most coveted arguments in HDM is the industry support that HD DVD obviously lacks (in terms of choices aside from Toshiba branded or rebadged/redesigned players (Onkyo's HD805 is a licensed and tweaked Tosh XA2, the new Venturer is a licensed and tweaked A3, etc). What's sad is that a game console add on (HD DVD add on that works on both 360 and PC) sold 60% MORE than ALL non Sony branded Blu-ray players. That is pathetic if you ask me and clearly shows that the PS3 effect, has in fact worked somewhat. What incentives does Philips or Pioneer (and all others) have, for example, to stick with just Blu-ray? 1 year and 92% of BD players sold are PS3s, of the remaining 8%, the competitive market is within 4%. That's not really a market to have 1 player, let alone 2-3 or more like the other brands have. Maybe people are waiting for cheaper dual formats, maybe people are waiting for 1.1 and 2.0 players to hit the market, or maybe Sony PS3 fans who lack games they want go out and buy 1-2 movies. 1-2 Blu-ray movies purchased by even HALF of PS3 owners makes a big impact at this very early point in the war. Sadly for blu, HD DVD has sold 750k units the last I checked and by CES 2008 they might be at that million mark.
To add, BOGOs move discs in a very small market but who's really profiting here? Do you think the studios are happy to oblige by moving software at severely discounted pricing limiting the profit margin? and yet above all of this, Blu only leads 2:1, with that gap closing...
You guys are not looking at the whole picture. It's like a sports team in round 1 of long tournament winning at half time of game 1 and you guys preach victory. Look at the whole picture. Both formats are here to stay. Blu-ray will never die solely thanks to the PS3, which ironically is also the reason why it's "winning".

PS3PCFTW3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

all i read from bladestar and other antiublu people was


seriously, put a plug in your piehole. ITS OVER

Edit: @below me

hurt your feelins? good!

i was one of the first with fios in my neighbor hood genius.
my f.o.t. went up before anyone else had it .

just so you know wan infrstructure isnt built for 50 gig file transfers. maybe when internet 2.0 launches. so digdistr wont be around for 7-10 years.

Im in nyc by the way.

drewdrakes3790d ago

Who cares who wins. Its not like the opposing sides equipment will magically disappear, you can still use it, what are you stupid? Plus digital distribution will win. Maybe you dont have a fast enough internet connection but i do.

marinelife93790d ago

I wonder what info they have that Warner is going Blu-Ray exclusive? Who did they talk to?

godofthunder103789d ago

i agree with the article but i think that hd dvd is the better format.what's hurting the sales of br and hd dvd is that the majority of people will not go out and buy a br disc when they have it on dvd already and the people that do is just wasting their money because with the dvd players that upgrade dvds to 1080i or p has a good picture so it will make no since to buy it on br and i say about 95% of people will agree.
the biggest problem with both format is trying to break into the market.neither one have not even put a dent in dvd sales.if br and hd dvd sales are in the same position by the end of next year and they are still not makin a profit then something will have to give.neither one have an endless bank account and they can't keep makin a product and loose money year after year on it,hell br and the ps3 has put sony in a little bond and some stoch holders are not happy and before sony let br put them in a bond they will stop br to save the ps3 and it would be the smartest move because they have a way bigger following with the ps3 then br so they can start makin profit a lot quicker then with br.
so i think that this year coming up will decide if br and hd dvd will survie.if they don't have a big increase in br or hd dvd sales and they are in the same place next year as they are now then that's the end of both of them because both formats are a big burden on their company.

man0fsteel3789d ago

1.4 thats exactly how I felt too... I just could never pinpoint why i was so adverse to the M$ brand till now :)

Ju3789d ago

So I see these comments about profile 1.1, 2.0, etc. and then asking myself how much BD or HD-DVD do you guys have ? I know I have both, and guess what, I never ever used any of these features. I don't care. What I want is crisp clear picture and sound quality. That's all that matters to me. If I want chit-chat I'm using a phone, or email or what ever, but not my DVD player. PiP ? What for. All these gimmicks are marketing hype. All BD players will play BD movies in the future. Even 1.0 will. At least you can expect to get sales on 1.0 players next year. Good for everyone.

cuco333789d ago

I think you're missing a big issue here.
Of course, not everyone cares for the extras but a lot of people do. Maybe not for all movies but for their favorites they will check out the special features.
Those Transformers fans saw the web features the week it released. If you check back now, you'll see they added even more.

But the biggest issue I see is compatibility. We already know about Fox's release after a 4 month MIA hiatus... their new releases wouldn't play on some LG and Samsung players, and Fox thrashed them for it (nice team work there huh...). This was fixed with a firmware update.

It's been rumored that the reason why Independence Day has been postponed for so long is because of features they implemented in BD-Java are preventing the film from playing at all on BD stand alones. The PS3 seems to work fine without any issues what-so-ever but majority of all other stand alones aren't working at all. What's the point of having a stand alone, especially one that is of the 1.0 spec if it prevents 1.1 or future disks from playing?! Same applies to BD+ and what I mentioned about Fox and Samsung/LG players. Is this superiority? or is it further proof that the format was launched unstable and not ready for mass adoption. but hey, at least your "Sony format" plays with no issues on Sony branded devices huh? Who cares about all other nonSony branded players right?!

lawman11083789d ago

If they want people to get into the HD BR dvd scene, I only buy "must own" dvd's now anyway where I used to buy anything that was just good.

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scrillakiller3790d ago

not really bladestar.the vast majority of people could care less for those features.i know people who have hddvd and they dnt use them they just watch the movies and thats it.same as i do i dont bother looking at all the bonus crap.RIP hddvd the future is blu.cnt wait fr warner exclusitivity

hitthegspot3790d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

Come on have you ever watched the out takes on any DVD? Pop in Dodgeball. The blooper reel is better than the movie. There is some great content on disks and it's going to get better with the next gen...

I know how cheated I feel when I buy a DVD only to have movie companies come out with the Supper version 6 months later. I can't tell you if I want the features that Blu-ray will have in 6 months to a year later, but I do know that I'm only going to invest when the players support the latest version. You know like HD-DVD the consumer friendly product.

athlon7703789d ago

but that is not the concern with the updated profiles. The movie will still play, and the features will still be able to be watched, but watching the comments of the director in a PIP while watching the movie itself will not work. That is a feature which I could care less about. While I do watch the outtakes, I do not watch the outtakes during the movie itself!

As for profile 2.0, the 'live' feature, I don't know what all that will include, but at this moment, all I do is watch the movie and possibly the outtakes/deleted sceens.

YoMeViet3790d ago

If only players decide decides the outcome of the war then HD-DVD won, but it doesn't. It's all about the movies and Blu-Ray has them.

And what about the 51GB HD-DVD disc, it wasn't finalized and won't be playable on 1st gen HD-DVD players.

Danja3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

your last sentence makes a very good point BTW....but Toshiba only touted that they have a 51GB disc because they didn't want to make it seem as if Blu Ray had an edge over them

and Studios are also paying attention to software sales...Blu Ray is selling the most movies...also..!!

blackmagic3790d ago

Apparently, every HD DVD player will be able to play the TL51 discs according to Jim Armour of Toshiba's Optical Storage Division.

The thought that 1st gen players couldn't play the 3 layer discs was based on the interview that was given by Jim on whether the 1st gen players would read 45Gb discs but obviously they must have figured it out.

Ju3789d ago

So ? Who really cares. I got Pirates - Worlds End yesterday. On two BD disks. Even I thought it would fit on one 50GB disk, they've put two disks in there.

Crazyglues3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

The HD-DVD, Blu-Ray war has hurt everything big time, for one DVD sales where already going down, so to bring those sales back up they needed the next format of DVD.

But instead of it being easy and one two three for the customer they made it as hard as possible. So now even if we get a winner the chance to fire up the DVD market is gone.

You don't really get a second chance to make a first impression. The smart thing to do was to end the war before it started like they talked about doing, by having one Blu-Ray HD DVD format.

But instead they didn't and now consumers are turned off, not everyone but most people.. Look at ebay, I saw Spiderman 3 Blu-ray disc brand new going for $13.95

At this rate movie companies are in-trouble and fixing the problem seems to be the last thing on their mind. -Which will cause their own demise.

Just look at Music companies.

-instead of making it easy to buy music online with out restrictions, they choose to fight it. forcing people who wanted to just buy the dam music to have to download it for free from somewhere else.

Smart move Music Companies, you guys are rocket scientist. Hollywood will soon follow. -Those who don't learn from the past are destine to repeat it.

actas1233790d ago

"Look at ebay, I saw Spiderman 3 Blu-ray disc brand new going for $13.95"
13.95 for spider man 3 is too much. Don't forget that many people got it w/ their PS3s for free.
Thats what the article is talking about, Hollywood needs to make movies that people buy not rent. I got spiderman 3 w/ my Ps3 and every time I try to watch it I sleep in the first 20 minutes of the movie..

jaja14343789d ago

The only word I want to see Spider-Man 3 coupled with is Free. Anything other than that and I'll just keep on walking.

Now through The Fifth Element in there instead and then we'll talk!

DarkSniper3790d ago

As the fists are raised once again for the prestigious brand of Sony. I would like to take the time out to than Ken Kutaragi for giving us over 16 years of true enhanced gaming from the liknesses to the SNES all the way to the future proofed PLAYSTATION 3®. Blu-Ray format may be known to the competitors as the "Trojan Horse" of the PS3, but as we all know, bittersweet defeat is inevitable for those who oppose.

Thank you Blu-Ray for exclusively supplying my high definition needs.