Bioware: SWTOR to receive weekly bug fixes and patches

VGW: Managing an MMO as massive as Star Wars: The Old Republic is quite the project; one that requires constant attention and updates. Picture the infinite possibilities for trouble present in a game like Skyrim, then magnify it x100. It’s a fact not lost on Bioware Austin, as the developers have pledged that issuing bug-fixes and patching exploits (such as the already infamous /getdown exploit) is their number one priority, and one they’ll be exercising on a weekly basis.

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lorianguy2507d ago

I haven't played the game myself... Is this "Getdown Exploit" Why Disco Stu is the pciture? :P

killyourfm2507d ago

Disco Stu is here to protect you from Disco Damage!

Servbot412507d ago

They are gonna have to step up the release of these patches, the free month ends in two weeks and there are still tons of gamebreaking issues. I don't know a single person renewing after the first month, and if I finish the Smuggler storyline before my free month is over, I probably won't be renewing either.

killyourfm2507d ago

I know about 20 people who will definitely be renewing. Are you just trolling?