What Should Be Next For Handhelds

Joel Taveras writes, "With 2011 now behind us, and all of the AAA titles out of the way, gamers have another “next big thing” to look forward to. Sony’s PlayStation Vita is gearing up to hit store shelves on this side of the world and the hype surrounding the handheld is now at an all time high. I’ve already gone on record to say that the Vita is what the handheld market needs, and that’s something I really believe, but what should be next for the platform?"

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Matrix2k2413d ago

there will always be room for dedicated handhelds with different libraries.

The gulf between dedicated handheld quality and mobile quality is an ocean.

The best game on ios wouldnt even touch the worst game on the original gameboy.

I hate dumb articles like this

Control, content, depth

tarbis2408d ago

"there will always be room for Nintendo handhelds with different libraries."
There I fixed it for you. I know you're an closet Nintendo fanboy but it doesn't hurt to help one. =)

Matrix2k2408d ago

are you a dumb ass?

I own every system thats ever existed and unlike you who is a nintendo hater and troll, I am un bias

kza2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

they should scrap handhelds and consentrate on home consols. I cant play vita at wrk so thats why i have a ps3 to play at HOME!!

Highlife2413d ago

So they should only worry about KZA. I have kids that would love to play on road trips (me too) but the hell with that you can't play at work.

klecser2413d ago

Well said Highlife. There are many gamers who depend on handhelds to be able to game. Businesses should just ignore that market simply because some gamers have other preferences? Last I checked, 4 MILLION 3DS' have been sold in the US alone. That seems like a pretty big market to me and it would be fiscally irresponsible to ignore it. Or should the gaming preferences of 4 million people be ignored, just because you don't game with handhelds KZA? Have a little empathy for gamers other than yourself.

AtomicGerbil2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

What should be next for handhelds?
How about less abuse from the media. Handhelds are dead because of the chuffin iPhone? The 3DS is suggesting otherwise and the Vita has only been released in one country.