Top 20 money saving console deals

Games Radar writes, "We know we're not the only ones who are always on the look out for a bargain, and with the holiday season already upon us every penny we save buying presents for oursleves can be spent on friends and family."

"So with this in mind and to save you the trouble of queuing for hours on end, walking for miles and having to deal with unmotivated, grumpy, shop assistants, we've hit digital aisles and hunted down the best deals we could find for each console. But hurry these might not be around for long."

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Rice3875d ago

I'm not gonna start...........
But why not buy a ps3, it has a new low price, great games, and free online....

marcdz13875d ago

Buy whatever your gaming needs are. But don't listen to this [email protected]! Words of wisdom.