The joy of collecting old games

Bitmob - When I was 10 years old a friend asked me whether I'd ever sell my Super Nintendo games. He mentioned a store where they buy your old in his SNES cartridges allowed him to invest in a whopping two new N64 games, and he was quite proud of that.

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ShadowPraxis2506d ago

Never been a fan of selling games myself. My collector streak is too strong. It feels like parting with family, even the derpy, stupid ones.

darthv722506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

you dont care about keeping them cause you just want to get the next game or system. When you are older you look back and reflect on what you got rid of and sometimes you got rid of something that is worth lots of $$$.

I enjoy old games and systems. Its funny how even though by todays standards the games arent all that but they sure are fun to play now and then. And the hardware being ahead of its time...amazing.

A very good friend of mine...that is all he does. He goes to classic game expos looking for anything he doesnt have. He has one of the most elaborate collections I've seen with stuff that wasnt even released (think 3do M2 prototype and DC zip drive to name a couple).

If you saw his house you would think he should be on hoarder's from all the game boxes and game related stuff he has. Myself i just have the systems from 2600 to today but he is WAY more dedicated than me.

SybaRat2506d ago

I KNEW I should've hung on to my old Superman 64 game!

THR1LLHOUSE2506d ago

I always want to keep my games, but it doesn't usually work out like that...I'm sure most of my SNES or 64 games were thrown away or stolen by one of my jerk siblings.

Even when Gamestop was still Funcoland I knew selling my stuff there was a waste of time.