AMD's Catalyst Creator hints to RAGE's upcoming patch; Catalyst 12.1a preview released

DSOGaming writes: "Better late than never I guess. AMD’s Catalyst Creator hinted today to RAGE’s upcoming patch that will most probably be released alongside the game’s level editor at the end of this month. This new patch will include a texture sharpening option that was promised by John Carmack some months ago. Well, to be more precise, we assume that this feature will be included but since this is iD Software and Bethesda we are talking about."

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PiccoloGR2533d ago

Release it already iD. Damn it

josephps32533d ago

When its this late then its basically the same as never because I've finished twice and sold it. So to me and many hundreds of thousands of ppl like me, its as if it was never released.

JsonHenry2533d ago

I just uninstalled it. After the "fix" from both AMD and Id software and it was still broken and low rez textures all over the place along with the constant texture loading I never even finished the first quest. It was just too distracting to play.

CRAGE2533d ago (Edited 2533d ago )

I got my refund. Once it hits 29.99 after the patch, I'll consider getting it for pc again.

Probably not till dec when they sell it for 5.00 on steams or something like that though.