Unreal Tournament 3 Ships for PS3

Midway Games, a leading interactive entertainment publisher and developer, and world-renowned developer Epic Games, Inc. today announced that the highly anticipated and award-winning Unreal Tournament 3 game has shipped for PS3 computer entertainment system.

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SIX3906d ago

for getting this out this year.

TANOD3906d ago

I am getting this on the 15th along with R&C for PS3.

I would exchange Halo 3 for COD 4 on my x360 at EBGAMES as well

Darkiewonder3906d ago

I plan to you know. not rush out right when it comes out. If it's this week it would be great.

Next week is Fine I guess. I have a Best Buy RZ Holiday certificate. $5 dollars off :o

EggFiary3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Mark Reign said that there would be limied amount of copies avaiable on the 12th. So everyone better get UT3 on day One. Also Does UT3 has 4 player split screen deathmatch? Because thats the only reason Im kind of holding out to get UT3.

EggFiary3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Double Post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PimpHandHappy3906d ago

this game came out in Feb08

i have to many things to play and with Warhawk OmegaDawn COD4 HVB AC Uncharted Tekken GT5 prolouge i just have to much to play 2 really spend the time online with it....

I might get the game i might not. I cant play more then one FPS at a time and right now i have two that RULE the earth of FPS's



EZCheez3906d ago

Than not have anything to at all!

And if anyone hasn't gotten High Velocity Bowling, go get it NOW! That game is fun, and dare I say better than Pain? Yes, I dare.

Keowrath3906d ago

Already got this pre-ordered from my local import shop. Not sure when the UK release is but I need this NOW! =p

mighty_douche3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

.... yeah in the US....

once again the rest of us get f*cked over o_O

Maddens Raiders3906d ago

don't be so bitter. I had to order my Dualshock from Japan in order to get in on early action. I'll buy two UT3's and you pay me for the other plus shipping. Deal?

mighty_douche3906d ago

ok dude, but if im buying it off you doesnt that "technically" make it second hand? discount?

but in all seriousness, does anyone know if i bought an import copy if it will work on my UK PS3???

RudeSole Devil3906d ago

The PS3 is region free, so yes you can play imports on any PS3 system out of the box.

mighty_douche3906d ago

cheers, but im more concerned with the online asspect.

Maddens Raiders3906d ago

(which isn't a lot 8D) the online aspect should be just fine. As 5.3 said the PS3 is region-free and there shouldn't be a problem w/ running a Yank game on the UK servers or Nippon, et al....

If you're serious though, you know what to do. Take care.

Keowrath3906d ago

Just sent you a PM MD.

Incidently, anyone heard that the region free aspect of the PS3 is gonna end with MGS4? When I picked up Uncharted the other day in GAME (Yeah, I know... Not exactly the most trustworthy of console information!) I was told that MGS4 is going to be the first region locked game. Anyone know any better?

I pray this is not the case!

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The story is too old to be commented.