Forza Motorsport 4’s January DLC ends EA’s Pagani Huayra exclusivity

M2G: "Turn 10 once again leave us salivating over a new Forza Motorsport 4 DLC pack, which includes what was previously an EA-only machine."

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2pacalypsenow2539d ago

with so many damn DLC im glad i got this game for $28 thats what its worth

Objective2539d ago

Haha are you the Mr Hickens referred to in the article?

2pacalypsenow2538d ago

Lol no im just glad i didnt spend $65 + the DLC on this

darthv722538d ago

last night I saw an episode of Top gear and it was where there was a race off between a real car and forza 4.

I liked both the setup they used for the game as well as that Lexus LFA. The game setup is obtainable. The car....not so much.

Oh and the part where the one guy had to drift a bus....classic.

BlmThug2535d ago

Not Top Gear but Top Gear USA aka the Shite version

Pyscho_Mantis2539d ago

This guy seems really mad at GT or based towards FM lol I am glad he enjoys Turn 10's dick so much....did you see that zonda btw it looks like it is made out of plastic hahahah

dark-hollow2538d ago

You seems really mad at forza or biased towards FM.

People have different opinion. You arent the centre of the universe.

Forza_is_King2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

Once again for the umpteenth time, Turn 10 shows other racing sim developer why Forza is the highest rated franchise on consoles by giving the quality cars car enthusiest actually want in their racing sim games and NOT more recycled Skylines like those other developers do expecting people to pay for more of the same cars they already bought when they bought their game.

Turn 10 are the single best racing sim developers on consoles 2 gens running.

Great job Turn 10 keep up the amazing work.

Ps. Thanks for a properly detailed interior view for ALL your cars in Forza 4.

Jake_the_Dog2538d ago

You must have never played both with a wheel.

Forza_is_King2538d ago

You Mad Bro?

You must be because your comment has absolutly nothing to do with my comment. Don't be mad and please keep up.

"ME" playing both with a steering wheel has nothing to do with the fact that Forza has better DLC with a higher diversity with iconic cars that car enthusiests expect. Forza IS the highest rated racing sim on consoles since the release of Forza back on the Xbox and has an interior view in all its cars.

You clearly are not a car enthusiest if you bring in the use of "3rd party peripherals" into a topic about the cars themselves and how they are more diverse for car enthusiests.

Jake_the_Dog2538d ago (Edited 2538d ago )

You sure type a lot to defend your arcade game. With a wheel, it actually feels like you're driving a car in Gran Turismo, in Forza not so much; I'm pretty sure thats the point of being a racing sim.

iamgoatman2538d ago

"With a wheel, it actually feels like you're driving a car in Gran Turismo"

Like hell it does, neither game comes even close. I have to laugh when someone pulls the 'arcade racer' card when talking about Forza then goes onto say that GT5 feels like you're actually driving. The GT games have never been true sims, so if you're going to call one console racer an arcade game, you've got to do the same with the other. Because if we're talking about actual sims like iRacing then both GT and Forza belong in the same category, call it what you like.

Personally I do consider them sims, but 'console sims' that are not really in the same leagues as true sims you find on PC. But I think using the word 'arcade' to describe either game is a bit ignorant, and to call one 'arcade' and the other not even more so.

Me-Time2535d ago Show