Amazing Battlefield 3 Moment: One Shot Triple Head Shot

Youtuber ImAnderZEL has uploaded an amazing video where he manages to get 3 headshots with just one bullet, we haven't seen anything like this and that just makes it greater.

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Incipio2452d ago (Edited 2452d ago )


Moral of the story...never run several ranks deep, single file, down a long hallway.

solidboss2452d ago

thats pretty crazy, but then again in damavand peak you NEVER file up together because it has alot of choke points that can result in multiple kills/deaths.

Hellsvacancy2452d ago

Exactly, this aint skill, this is being at the right place at the right time

I got 7 kills once with one grenade, doesnt make me a pro (although i am)

trenso12452d ago

its a lil nit of skill and luck. and haha that made laugh your "pro"

nolifeking2452d ago

I got a double on this same map once. I thought I was the man, now I know I'm not.

matt19912452d ago

Damn BORAT is pretty good with that sniper.

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