NowGamer - Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Preview

NowGamer - Japan has gone weird. While many Eastern studios are outsourcing to Western teams or embracing different mechanics and new ways of working in order to have their games enjoy more universal appeal, even the consumers are changing.

On its week of release, Ni No Kuni – as typically Japanese a game as there is ever likely to be – was outsold almost three-to-one to be beaten into third place in the charts, but it’s not so much the submission of the Level-5/Studio Ghibli crossover which is most surprising fact here.

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tiffac0082296d ago

I'm definitely getting this game~

Parapraxis2296d ago

Agreed, Studio Ghibli is one of the reasons I developed a love for anime. I will buy this game the first chance I get.

Finalfantasykid2296d ago

I only found out about this game like yesterday, and I already can't wait to play it. I think it might even be a day one purchase for me :D

NukaCola2296d ago

This game look amazing. I love that it's a true JRPG with little to no influence of the west. The overmap is back, the game has wonderful camera scenery from side scrolling and 3D worlds. The Studio Ghibli artwork is a color pallet out of this world. I have not seen toon art this beautiful. Most animated games either have a flatter color pattern or are only in 2D so seeing a fully 3D world looking like it's right out of Miyazaki is breathtaking.

One thing I do hope is that they release the collector's edition Quest, Spells, Potions Book the DS version got, for PS3.

rezzah2295d ago

I agree its art style is wonderful. Reminds me of Gravity Rush style for the PSV.

My main attraction to this game it that it reminds me of what a Pokemon 3D battle should look like, and that the world traveling is like Golden Sun (a very epic RPG game).

VsAssassin2296d ago

Bubbles for everyone! :D

Gamer-Z2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

What the hell? The Japanese like to play Call Of Duty now?

TimmyShire2296d ago

It is pretty weird. I hope it's not a sign of things to come though...

tiffac0082296d ago

It's because the DS version of the game was already out for almost a year (which sold really well) before the PS3 version became available.

So the low sales was understandable and Level-5 didn't even shipped a lot of PS3 copies too, so they knew what to expect.

Rampaged Death2296d ago

I've seen someone play the import version and it looks like a more complicated Pokemon game.

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