Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner - A Future Classic

NowGamer - Konami had a sequel in the planning stages, following Zone Of The Enders’ successful release in early 2001, after the game’s sales were almost certainly inflated by a packed-in demo to the much-anticipated Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty, which naturally meant a demo-less sequel would have to prove itself on its own terms.

The appointment of Shuyo Murata as director of ZOE 2 came under interesting circumstances. He was credited in the first game as working on cinematics, yet it was pitching a story for the sequel to producer Hideo Kojima that landed him a job.

The story, reportedly, was about a pilot riding the game’s central mech, Jehuty, while surviving an addiction to Metatron, ZOE’s fictional power source.

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jujubee882539d ago

I agree that is does have its place in history as being a game that should be remembered. Certainly, ZoE is one of those IP's that Kojima Productions fans are going to buy for remasters and will constantly ask Kojima about when the net ZoE is going to arrive.