"Gran Turismo 5 XL Edition" Full Details, Box Art Released

"GT5 XL" offers a chance for new players to get all of Gran Turismo 5's new content at a discounted rate.

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lorianguy2507d ago

Can I keep my save file from my standard copy?

MGRogue20172507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

That's what I'm wondering as well..

If we can, I'll go right ahead & trade my standard copy in for this one.

Neko_Mega2506d ago

Most likely, I wouldn't see why a old game file from the normal wouldn't.

mayberry2506d ago

I would hope I could trade too! gt5 is such an epic sim, wouldn't want to miss this!

pyramid2506d ago

Fix the screentearing sony!!!!!!!!!!!

ilovemyps32506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

Bud,you will have to wait for gt6...
About gt6, I wonder what they will do,graphically.they can use better textures on tracks,because if there was some great tracks,like London,which was simply amazing,some tracks,lie Daytona,were ugly,and can be improved.
But about cars,they're already great,with hundred thousands of polygons,great reflections,etc,I don't know how they can improve them,even by using more polygons.

They took photos of the real tracks,textures,etc,but I guess they needed to aply a lot of compression on stuff,to keep 60 fps and 1080p.for example,grass texture isn't great.

I hope , in gt6, they will be able to use huge hi res textures on everything,so it looks even more lifelike and real.and since they already have all the cars modeled,engine sounds captured,etc,they just need to add some more tracks,new cars:please add 100-200 European cars,like vw golfs,vr6,corrado, Opel zafiras,fiats,alfaromeo,Audi,s koda,seat,etc.the re are at least 200 European cars they could add. They've been doing gt6 for a while,now,I could bet it will be a launch title.

Can we imagine a track like London,2 or 3 times better,with better textures,and 16 cars using 500000-1 million polygons? It's gonna be insane,amazing,no words to describe it :)