Game Informer - Silent Hill: Downpour Review

Game Informer - Silent Hill has an almost magnetic draw for me. Year after year, I somehow end up wandering its foggy streets and fending for our lives against unspeakable evils. I recently returned to the town in Downpour, taking to the twisted streets after a harrowing trek through an underground nightmare. My hands-on time gave a good feel for developer Vatra’s take on the iconic horror series’ locations, puzzles, enemies, and combat. Downpour is shaping up to be a polished return to the classic survival horror formula.

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solidboss2413d ago

a review? hmmm wasnt aware SH:Downpour came out already -_-

-Mezzo-2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

I screwed up.

@Gillri - Probably the SiteBot, or a Mod didn't noticed.

gillri2413d ago

who approved it then?

Puty2413d ago

Glad you noticed, so how about changing misleading title of the news?

Puty2413d ago

It's not a review x/.

RyuDrinksTheDew2413d ago

nice job approving this. it has such an obvious error.

rmedtx2413d ago

I think it should be "preview" instead of "review".

FunkMacNasty2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Sure so it's a preview, not a "review." Either way, I can't wait for this game.. it looks like it is shaping up to be a much better addition to the series that the last game, Silent Hill:Homecoming was.. I'm especially happy to hear that the combat system seems to be more effective, as the combat attack/dodge system in Homecoming was all but completely broken. I have been hooked on Silent Hill games since I played the first one when I got my first PS one :)

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The story is too old to be commented.