Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on sale

Looks like Amazon and Newegg have dropped the price on Metal Gear Solid HD to less then $40. Better hurry though the collection is selling out fast on both the sites.

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puffkix2507d ago

If the first game was in this collection I would buy it in a heartbeat

PirateThom2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

It is... Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake are both included.

Snookies122507d ago

Surely you must realize he meant Metal Gear Solid, not Metal Gear right?

BoNeSaW232507d ago

No it is not. It has MGS2:Sons of Liberty, MDS3:Snake Eater and The HD Upgrade of MGS: Peace Walker.
You can Download the first MGS on PSN for $9.99

Still a great buy. When I free up some time I'm gonna get this for sure.

gamingdroid2507d ago

Wasn't MGS1 supposed be included on the PS3 version?

kza2507d ago

No its not, its only mgs 2 and 3 and also peace walker

DarkBlood2507d ago

yeah metal gear and metal gear 2 are in there i played the first one my self

kza2507d ago

No its not lol look at the picture it dosent say MGS 1!!

DarkBlood2507d ago

like lord_sloth said as i never said solid in my other post

just start metal gear solid 3 and you'll see that its in there

Lord_Sloth2507d ago

Not Metal Gear Solid! Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 for the NES!

Brush up a bit, dude.

kza2507d ago

any1 know where i can import from?? im from the UK!

SolidGear32507d ago

I bought this and Uncharted 3 at launch. Those were the only games to come out in November that were worth anything to begin with.

lastdual2507d ago

While it's worth the price, there have already been several $29.95 sales and I expect we'll see even lower than that within the next month or two.

Prices always drop after the holidays.

kube002507d ago

Good point Im sure the price will drop again. I wonder if the acid games will ever get a HD remake