Criterion previews the Burnout Paradise demo map

This Thursday, Criterion will be releasing the Burnout Paradise demo to the masses (silver, you'll have to wait a week) and to get you ready they've posted a map preview of the city.

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rushbd3875d ago

Is it for all demos ? or just this one ?? just curious to know

EHILL3875d ago

Nope, only for you!!
Anyway....loved me some burnout revenge on the 360. I'll be picking this one up on the PS3, since its the lead platform for this game. Excited to finally get a good arcade game again.

name3875d ago

Can't wait. Anyone know when this is coming out? I heard early january.

ThichQuangDuck3875d ago

I know its early next year and after this demo coming out now. Early January sounds right

MaximusPrime3873d ago

nice to see a map. Looks big enough to cause mayhem ;)