Mad Catz F.P.S. Pro Wired Gamepad Review (GodisaGeek)

GodisaGeek: "Mad Catz haven’t always been a firm who have covered themselves in glory, certainly where I am concerned. Some of their early Noughties attempts at arcade sticks horrified the Sanwa-loving fighting game nerds, myself included, and there have been some poorly implemented third party peripherals to have emanated from the San Diego based firm over the years.

Things are looking up though, in recent times the build quality of some of their newer sticks and controllers has been top notch. Now they have teamed up with Major League Gaming to have a go at producing a control pad that will provide gamers with the sort of high-caliber performance they need when trying to shoot someone in the face, accurately of course."

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Blaine2415d ago

Looks aren't really important when it's function that matters, but that thing is fugly. It's like they designed it with kids in mind. Give me something slick, with no distracting lights, and I might be interested.

I wish some third party would get their head out of their ass and design a good controller for PS3. The official pad is quite good, but I'd love to switch to a better quality one, if it existed. I want more responsive buttons and triggers with shorter throw, and more sensitive analog sticks, with a smaller dead-zone.

Why are all third party hardware manufacturers bent on making low-cost alternatives to the official controllers? They should take a cue from PC gaming, and realize that gamers are willing to pay for quality input peripherals. I'm sure plenty of console gamers would be just as willing as PC gamers to spend a few extra dollars for better responsiveness.

hellvaguy2415d ago

The Razor Onza. This is the controller you've been searching for. Also, Im not sure why your going on and on about wanting a good Ps3 controller when this article soley pertains to a 360 controller.

GodisaGeek2415d ago

The Onza is a very, very nice pad too.

Blaine2415d ago

What's your problem? Just because this model is for 360, I can't have a look? Mad Catz makes PS3 controllers as well. There's a more than decent chance they'd eventually make a PS3 version also. So I read up about it now. Why not? This is a discussion thread, not a 360 owners club.

ThichQuangDuck2415d ago

@ Everyone above

Loved the Onza works well then one of the triggers broke and they are now sending me a new one. The only down side being truly the curve of the triggers and I like that this one has programmable buttons on back because that is a much better controller. But nothing beats hearing the mouse click sound every time you press a face button.

But really I just want them to remake this controller since I used it obsessively on xbox 1 for halo's and XIII