Ubisoft confirms Vita launch line-up

EuroGamer - Rayman Origins, Lumines, Michael Jackson: The Experience, Asphalt and Dungeon Hunter Alliance will all be available from the Vita's 22nd February launch, publisher Ubisoft has announced.

A new release schedule sent out today includes one other Vita game - an undefined Assassin's Creed title marked for "calendar 2012".

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WooHooAlex2537d ago

I've been waiting to play Rayman until I get my Vita.
Definitely playing that after I finish Uncharted.

Optical_Matrix2537d ago

Same here. I have it pre-ordered with my Wi-Fi model along with Uncharted, Katamari and Marvel vs. Capcom. Played the Rayman Origins demo on PS3 and thought lord have mercy, this'll look lush on dat OLED. So I decided to wait.

brettyd2537d ago

Thought the same exact thing, pre ordered everything you did except MvC.

NewMonday2537d ago

same for me , always thought this game was made for a handheld

Half-Mafia2537d ago

DO NOT GET Michael Jackson: The Experience.

Ive played it on the iPad and i was done with it within 30mins. The Vita version plays exactly the same as the iPad. But the iPad version only costs £2.99 compared to £35.

Asphalt and Dungoen Hunters are also iPhone/iPad apps.

Ubisoft is ripping people off with these game.

Anyway i cant wait to play Rayman on the Vita.

Rainstorm812537d ago

Anyone that would get Michael Jackson: The Experience on a Handheld isnt that wise to begin with....thats like getting a handheld Rock Band or a Hand held Dance Central

reddeadite2536d ago

Hey Rock Band Unplugged was awesome! No peripherals is what made it great though

GraveLord2537d ago

Assassins Creed Vita!
Tell me more!

cjflora2537d ago

I hope it's better than the PSP one. I was a little underwhelmed by that one.

Game4life2537d ago

I wonder if it's a main one just portable coming out when the next one comes out. It could happen.

Razongunz2537d ago

only AC sounds interesting for me, the only rayman game i ever liked was rayman 3 all the other ones where boring :/

GodHandDee2537d ago

Rayman and Assassins Creed! Bring it

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