Analyst: Nintendo Sells 2.4 mln in Nov.

Ahead of monthly US NPD data, virtual stock market The simExchange predicts that Nintendo sold a total of 2.36 million hardware units in November; low expectations for Crysis sales.

The virtual stock market predicts lifetime sales of Xbox 360 and PS3 to be relatively even, with 58 million and 54 million units sold worldwide, respectively.

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predator3936d ago

yep but will this be the last crimbo they sell that much?

ITR3936d ago

It's only going to go higher in Dec.
You can't even find one now.
Prepare to wait for one.
I saw 150 people waiting for one last week at BB.
It should drop a bit in Jan..but SSBBB will keep sales up through out the first qtr of 08 easily.

marinelife93936d ago

I don't know anyone that has a beast enough of a rig to run it properly anyway. I stopped upgrading my gaming pc when the PS3 came out.

ruibing3936d ago

I thought Nintendo reported that they can only produce 1.8 million Wiis per month, so does this count DS or Wii Fit?

lilwingman3936d ago

Nintendo has taken over the world. Considering the content that they are putting out, that is a sad thought...

wiizy3936d ago

not to repeat myself...but wii will win this generation..... oh and my patriots will have a perfect season

iceice1233936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Of this generation. The wii isn't a video game console it is a toy. Like the ones you used to get and play for a month than never touch again, that's what the wii is.

desolationstorm3936d ago

Icewake you guys can keep saying it all you want doesnt mean sh!t. It is part of the generation because it is competing for gaming dollers everywhere. So yes I would say its part of this generation. Its a hardware generation and its a home console. They are all toys we use them as interactive entertainment. The other systems are not in a class of their own. The wii gets sales and takes some developers resources away from the other systems.

name3936d ago

The patriots are cheaters. Go bears.