How NOT to camp in Battlefield 3

Gouki: In Battlefield 3 I understand that you gotta camp and protect yourself well when you are sniping. But this is ridiculous, the entire squad can be seen atop the crane on the Gulf of Oman map from the Back to Karkand DLC. During a conquest match!

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BatRastered2539d ago

LOL, they're not accomplishing anything up there. There's only 12 men on a team on the consoles, they're leaving their team 1/4 short.

MmaFan-Qc2539d ago

thats why im playing on pc.

trenso12539d ago

and they probably lost that game.

BiggsnWedge2539d ago

just drop a mortar up there.. aw yeah

dericb112539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Crappy mortar would get you sniped. BF:BC2 mortar would do the trick.

Hufandpuf2539d ago

The bfbc2 mortar was innacurate as hell.

jimbobwahey2539d ago

Anxiously awaiting the day when the developers for these games realize how much better the online experience would be if they removed sniper rifles from their games.

BiggsnWedge2539d ago

I think it would be cool if there was a mode called role play or something like that and there could only be one recon on the team and a certain amount of support, assault and what not.

RioKing2539d ago

Thats gonna be a looong wait there buddy ;)

Blaine2539d ago

Removing snipers is not the answer, that would be the easy way out. They just need to develop their games more intelligently. Do something along the lines of what Biggs said.

Here's an idea: you have a certain number of character slots, and have to create your character. Job, or weapon class, is one of the things you have to select during character creation, and it can't be changed. Then you just pick the character you want to use before going into the game lobby. When you're placed into a game, you're placed according to your class. That way you won't have half your team as snipers! And if you're in a party with friends, it's the same thing; set number of each class, and someone's going to have to change character if there's too many of one class. Since gameplay changes at different times during a game (for instance: a sniper may be required to push into an objective) each class would have vanilla versions of the other's weapons; snipers would have submachine guns, assault class would have low caliber riffles.

Just a thought. Could be developed further. But all this to say taking out a weapon is a poor solution that would detract from gameplay, when a good one would enhance it.

PhantomT14122539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I think it would be easier if we just let the squad leader change the class of its members.

oddman762539d ago

Along with m320's and Rpg,s :) at least in cqb anyway

Rob Hornecker2539d ago

I can see your point and I'm glad to see that there are games out there just for gamers that like to snipe. Sniper Ghost warrior comes to mind. If they want a REAL challenge,try playing either of the Operation Flashpoint games. Needless to say these guys wouldn't last in those games!

These guys are just a target! Sitting there just waiting for a well place tank round or visit from a attack chopper. I look at them as hitting the XP points lotto!!! YACHTZEE!!!!!!

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MGRogue20172539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Not surprised at all, I see this happening in almost every match I go into xD

Mikeyy2539d ago

Wow... what a crappy team.

1 sniper up there can do a lot of Good.

the whole team up there is just silly...


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