The BBC Micro turns 30

The BBC Micro turns 30

1980's, the beginning of my gaming experiences and also the re-birth of the home console market after the 1977 crash that saw only Atari and Magnavox survive!.

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DJMarty2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

One of the worse home computers ever.

Using them in schools made no sense what so ever then. As they never became useful in later life, 30 years later.

I used them at school then had to retain using PC's years later. What a waste of time/money.

forcefullpower2264d ago

Nope. The acorn electron was the worse home computer ever.

Knushwood Butt2264d ago

I had an Acorn Electron!

To be fair, Elite was pretty amazing.

Mnemonic-DK2264d ago

Funny - When I saw the headline I immediately thought of Elite!

Man, I'm getting old!

forcefullpower2263d ago

Elite was awesome. Think i played chucky egg more than anything. lol

LNDCalling2260d ago

@Knushwood Butt

lol, indeed Elite came to my mind first as well.. and yes I am also, seemingly getting old! :/

@DJMarty To correct you it was one of the 'first' home computers, so what do you expect. Also there was no GUI / OS to speak of (MOS), you were effectively on command line so if you wanted it to do something you had to program it... not a bad thing for budding programmers back in the day!

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LNDCalling2260d ago

Yeah course.. 320 x 200, 8 colors, doesn't get much better than that!