Q&A: Marvelous' Hashimoto On The 2D Renaissance

After years of keeping a low profile, Vanillaware re-emerged into more common parlance with the release of the 2D action-RPG Odin Sphere, which gained attention for its unique hand-drawn animation.

Marvelous Interactive is currently supporting Vanillaware in production, and Gamasutra recently spoke with Marvelous producer Yoshifumi Hashimoto at the Tokyo Game Show about the next title in the works from the small studio, whether a 2D renaissance is on its way, and whether the DS bubble has burst in Japan.

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lonestarmt3752d ago

what great games. Oboro Muramasa Youtouden is the only game I wish i had a wii for. Maybe I will see it on the ps2 in the near future.

texism3752d ago

The casuals need to STFU and go to hell