PS3 to catch Wii... by 2011 - Xbox 360 to be lagging behind significantly

Sony's PS3 might be struggling to out-punch rivals Wii and Xbox 360 on shop shelves currently, but the next four years will see it biting Wii's heels.

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vgn243878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

By that time the 360 will have established it's user base and made it's profits. The next Xbox console should launch 2012, since a 7 year lifespan is very respectable, and come in with better hardware. I don't know about anyone else, but the timeline laid out here really favors the 360. Great news.

Although I can see this is intended to be a negative, I think anyone with common sense can see this is good news.

unlimited3878d ago

All the people who have their 360's died on them will switch to the PS3 for their gaming needs. Microsoft will never make profit in the gaming devision since they lost 1 billion dollars or more on their defective console. I would be caution in buying their new next gen system if they ever decided to release

toughNAME3878d ago

And I totally agree

Except that... on a personal level, I hope theres a new xbox by 2009 (crosses fingers)

Hamadzedan3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

but haven't u notice, they forecasting that just at the end of 2008 the PS3 will overstep xbox360..? which seems cool to me.

Howler94433878d ago

Well, the fact of the matter, is that this is a prediction...nothing more, nothing less. I can also predict some really wild stuff. Doesn't mean it will come true.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't mind seeing the PS3 be poised to take the lead at all. After four failed Xbox 360s, I'm giving up and selling the one I have. Its really a shame too, I really liked the games for it and I think that XBox Live is an great service that offers a really good value. I must admit that I do take issue with some of the DLC/DRM policies and such, but that is for a another discussion.

If I recall correctly, I thought that MS had mentioned that the expected lifespan of the 360 is something like 5 -7 years anyhow, which, to me makes sense.

With that being said, its going to be interesting to see how and if Sony reacts to a new Xbox in 2010 or so. Would that mean that the PS4 will come out in the same time frame relegating the PS3 to a PS2 type status.

The next-gen (beyond 360/PS3) should really be interesting. I can't imagine that MS or Sony would change architectures too much next time since that would just slow launch titles. If I had to guess, I would guess that you will see consoles with more memory, a High-Def media player of choice (Blu-Ray/HD-DVD), updated GPUs and CPUs that are basically expansions of the current CPUs.

An example would be a Cell processor with two cores and SPU sets for each core and a shared cache. Perhaps a quad or six core CPU for the next Xbox.

Anyway, I digress. Predictions like this are fun and cater to the fans of the particular console. Take it with a grain of salt.

Just enjoy the games available for your console of choice. It is a choice after all.

Ju3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

I disagreed. But I simply believe, the next generation after PS3/360 will have a hard time. The main reason I see, is that how much more realism does one need ? If this next generation cannot come up with something the current gens can't do, then, well, I see no need for people to upgrade again - 2011 is just 4 ye...well, not really... its just 3 years away. No matter what, this is way to early to compete against a PS3 (or even against the 360 itself). Especially because a new console with more power cannot beat the price these consoles will sell by then. I could possibly imagine a new console by 2015/2017, but not earlier. And only if the tech is affordable and can run 1080p sustained @ 60fps with 10x the polycount we have now at 720p to really utilize the by then available 1080p TV market penetration. I do not believe, a Wii-like controller concept will work a second time, either. Maybe, all of the consoles will have that by then - I doubt it, though.

So, say, I have all my TVs replaced by 2015 (which is most likely not - I will add 2 more 32"/720p for my kids, and get another 50+" 1080p later), and I am pretty sure, my games lib at that point will be sufficient (probably all PS3s for games and BD movies). I personally might look for some ueber-super console then, but I certainly won't replace any other.

BTW: I asked my kids if they'd prefer a Wii or another PS3 for Christmas, and they said "another PS3"...surprising, but my Wii is off my shopping list, all of a sudden. (huh?)

tomfoolery3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

You're lousy system aint no way in HELL ever going to catch
the 360 in sales..........NEVA!
Software companies support the 360 the most,it has the head start and gives you better choices,America fvcking LOVES it more than the PS3(worlds biggest game market),multi plats are better(but should have never been, 4d my ass),and way easier to development on(cost effective).

You've been one-two punched this gen and soon to be tko'd by
MSs next gen beast.
Go ahead and take my bubbles ya little Sonydweebs,it's the only
victory you'll get this understand me kids?

Your sore losing asses have just been handed to you by your friendly
neighborhood Tomcat.

Here's a tip,
get off of N4sonyG,
and buy some stinkin games..........hmmmm how about Lair LOLLOL.

C_SoL3878d ago


& don't tell me about the Xbox 900 ok. I don't wanna hear that $hit....

JsonHenry3878d ago

I don't know anyone that would switch to the PS3 that has a 360 already. At least not at this point. The games, the online features, and the graphics just haven't proved themselves yet on the PS3.

Not to mention the attach rate for the 360 is more than the PS3's and the Wii's combined attach rate. developers are more interested in making games for the 360 at this point. Until that changes the PS3 will not catch up.

PS3PCFTW3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

IVE SAID IT ALL ALONG.i wouldnt say it and repeat it to u bots if it werent true.

2008 IS THE DEATH OF 360.Compare uncharted to anything the 360 hasfor the past 2 years.THEN just look at the game lineup for each console in 2008........then look at all the hw problems the 360 has. After youre done with that long ass list of hw issues, look into each consoles attributes, or functions persay. Finally look who makes it: microsoft, such a overrated company that there ZUNE doesnt even work on WINDOWS VISTA.

PS3: more bang for your buck
360: more hw failure for your buck

history repeats itself. i repeat myself, xbots will sh1t themselves.



....Xbox will have to come out with yet another sku to comepte with PS3. I wonder how many xbox [email protected] will go and secretly buy a PS3.

"Come to the Dark Side"

PS3 -FTW !!!

XBOX360 - RROD !!!!

whoelse3876d ago

I think the PS3 and 360 sales are accurate but i dont think the Wii will last that long.

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General Pinky3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

But just look at the sonyfanboys..
how low they are must be low..2011..
come on don't bullshi* me..
by then sony will not be making money..they will be crying for puting Blu ray in the console
i love this website

vgn243878d ago

I got seven disagrees and lost a bubble for agreeing with the story and finding a positive spin on it? Whelp, I guess that shows what happens if you have an opinion.

rofldings3878d ago

If you decided to click the link and not read the title.

It says PS3 to catch WII in 2011, they forecasted the PS3 to overtake the 360 by 2008.

actas1233878d ago

I don't think its already outdated. However, it will be soon. The problem with 360 is the low quality and that matters for people with brains.. and most of us have brains..

jaja14343878d ago

Enh? The Wii is more outdated than both systems, yet looks who's selling more than who...

General Pinky3878d ago

i just approve this story...
just let them have fun with this

HarryEtTubMan3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

who is the most respected analyst in the industry also believes PS3 will win(within its next 9-10 years of life) You have to understand that you can basically imagine the PS3 just now launching.... at 400$....with a good games catalogue...and as Sony has said with at lesat 9 years of life left.(sony will make their money back). Guess what? Blu Ray has already won. It's only the end of year one. Look at PS3's 2008 lineup and beyond hahahahaa. Everyone KNOWS PS3 is gonna win. The PS3 is already saling much much better worldwide.... with not one really "blockbuster" title yet. People like to pretend like the Playstation brand hasn't sold a million consoles on their last 2 consoles...and like the 130 milion PS2 owners have bought a console.hahahahahaha, Its buisness. Do you think the Wii is gonna be outselling a 250$, Blu Ray playing PS3 with games like Gran Turismo 5, Resident Evil 5, Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2, Unreal Touranment 3, Final Fantasy 13 adn sooo much more? The Wii won't win this whole generation....yea it will be ahead for a good while but its not gonna take a DRAMATIC lead or anything. PS3 is already staying too close at 400$ with no big hitters yet. The Playstation brand is BY FAR the strongest on the market....even if somem like to hate....everyone wants playstation. Its not a full Hardcore machine like the 360, nor a childs toy like the Wii... its is the nicest quality All-Around machine. It is by far the most diverce system with hardcare FPS, The best RPG and Racing game on any concole(Final Fantasy and Gran Turismo), awewsome fun action games(God of War3, Ratchet and Clank, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Infamous,The getaway), awesome innovative games like the eye of judjement, Buzz, Singstar, everyday shooter and Playstation HOME(with so much more to come in the pver the years. How about your hard core shooters? try the exclusives Unreal Tournament 3, Haze, Killzone 2, Metal Gear sold 4, Metal Gear Online, Resistance:FOM 2 (which is going to look amazing and Insomniac has said will run at TWICE the speed of Ratchet and Clank...which already runs amazing) This is only 2008 and maybe a little of 2009. PS3 is gonna bring the fight for A LONG TIME. The PS3 has a little bit of a rough start(even though it has sold 7 million which is better than the 360) but lets just pretend it didn't happen. Lets pretend the PS3 just lauched at 399$...with a huge awesome catalouge of games and a 9 year life cycle ahead af it. Its so weird really.... the PS3 came out last but its almost as if everyone expects the PS3 to still win. haha. When the PS3 first along with quite a few of my friends all talked crap about it as if we knew what we were talking about.... and as of now..I just got my PS3....AND EVERY ONE OF MY FREINDS WANTS ONE. (keep in mind the aren't desperate Sony hating fanboys but gamers) PS3 will win. The ONLY DIFFERENCE this generation is that the I belive you will see the Wii sale MUCH better this generation. Can it stand the test of time and sale like a Playstation? Who knows. I hope so... the Wii at least is trying to do SOMETHING new. Not just release a faulty, defective system and try to hide it....while only releasing shooters and Sci Fi games your average 16 year old American boy will call "cool". Long live the PS3. It will win in the end.

@ the 16 year old kiddie below... GOOD make up your mind then and stay in the 360 or Wii threads have to understand... the PS3 doesn't need you... It's gonna do fine without you

PS3 Limps on and on3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

I've just had it with PS3. I'm sick of defending them when they are simply getting crushed by Wii and 360.

I was a playstation fan because I got use to them with the PS2. But now it's been hell, having to see 360 with the better games like Dead Rising and Bioshock, and my favorite games like Silent Hill and Grand Theft Auto being multi platform and lead developed on 360. Both those games will be slighly better on 360 because that's the console they were made on.

PS3 may do well in the future and I wish it the best of luck, But I'm not gonna live forever and for me as a gamer it's about right now, not waiting for great games that might develope in the future. So I'm sorry but I'm done with PS3. I'm moving on to making 360 my console of choice. And I'm only sorry I wasted so much time lingering over the PS3's problems. It's not my fight. PS3 doesn't deserve my loyatly. Again, I'm only sorry I wasted so much time.

I'm only 1 person, and I don't make a difference, but I've made my choice. Should of made it along time ago.

ravinash3878d ago

They were heading off in some random direction at the start and they have paid the price for it, but I think things are on track again.

BubblesDAVERAGE3878d ago

Thats the route of a real gamer....not that FPS plagued 360

crunchie1013878d ago

Why have you got a Final Fantasy Avatar?

General Pinky3878d ago

there you go let it all come out..
welcome to the family my freind..

now who is next here

hardcorehippiez3878d ago

but abandoning the ps3 will be your loss mark my words . good luck with your gaming

C_SoL3878d ago

we just lost one.....but u just lost one. 1.4 please....

QuackPot3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

With a name like your's, surprised you stayed this long.

Your reasoning is premature and ridiculous.

Every PS fan knows Sony has done major mistakes which has lead to alot of frustrations but the tide is clearly turning in Sony's favour....they are really starting to deliver.

And we still have millions of casual gamers who are Ps2 owners still waiting for the price to get even lower to buy their Ps3. Add to that developers becoming more familiar with the Ps3 and using it as the lead platform....better quality games.

Buy the product from a world class COMPETITIVE H/W manufacturer - Sony
Buy the product from a second class MONOPOLISTIC S/W manufacturer - Microsoft.

Tough decision huh? You are so wise. Yeah, go an worship Microsoft and stay outta the Ps3 section especially with that disrectful name of your

Ps. I also have an xbox 360 but only for the exclusives(Halo3, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Gears of War are my current library) as I am a gamer. But everything else is Ps3 as it has and is delivering....a year late but still delivering.

CrashSharc3878d ago

I think you are making a mistake... abandoning the Ps3 right before 08?? okay, Sorry if I won't be surprised if you say the EXACT same thing about the 360 a year from now. People like you expected WAY too much from PS3's first year out. Now you want to abandon the PS3 in order to chase MS's old news. MS shot their wad in 2 months just to get guys like you. Now, they have nothing except games that are already months old. Well have fun. I'm not saying "don't get an XBOX" Even I have one. I just think you are being a little weak minded and will going back and forth for no reason. I'm all about games asa much as the next guy. But I'm also about quality, and waiting for good things, not flash in the pan successes. I felt the same impatience and now suffer RROD's and "cookie-cutter" games, all system's have their vices...Anyways have fun, and yes, life IS short...

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