Max Payne 3: New Screen Shots Reveal A Multiplayer W/Out Bullet-Time?

The gun slinging series known for slowing down things just long enough for you to enjoy the cinematic death of your foe, will for the first time in the series have multiplayer. Max Payne is the signature series for all things happening in slow motion. But when considering the new inclusion of multiplayer, fighting with friends without bullet-time, may be a bullet even Max can’t dodge.

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Cablephish2389d ago

how would bullet time work in multiplayer? I mean I know Killing Floor has Zed Time, but that's a co-op game. It would be totally different in a competitive multiplayer mode, just wouldn't work.

BattleTorn2389d ago

umm, like Dead Eye does in Red Dead Redemption's MP.

IWentBrokeForGaming2389d ago

Its a sign that this game wasn't made for multiplayer... Bullet Time is the main gameplay feature of Max Payne.

I could care less if Bullet Time is in or not for the multiplayer. But it's what makes this title and I feel if the main feature is taken out of multiplayer, it becomes a whole DIFFERENT games multiplayer...

Just like I didn't like them taking out the cover system in Killzones multiplayer... I felt that in turn made it play LIKE EVERY OTHER SHOOTER!

StevenVlzqz32389d ago

Didn't they already confirm the Slow Mo (Bullet time?) They said it would affect a region of area your in. (In multiplayer)

Snookies122389d ago

Yes they most certainly did good sir, so I'm not sure what is up with this lol.

lastdual2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Yeah, according to a previous interview we're getting limited BT in multiplayer:

It's based not on a proximity bubble, but on line of sight.

KidMakeshift2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

There's an easy solution to include bullet-time in multi-player:

Have bullet time as a spawn item within the map. When a player activates bullet-time all other players actions are slowed temporarily.

I heard something about it being enabled in small sections of a map and that sounds like it would work as well