Dragonball Super Saiyin to go live action in 2008

The popular anime and videogame series Dragonball is about to go live on the silver screen.

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FirstknighT3875d ago

With Stephan Chos doing should be good.

Skerj3874d ago

Stephen Chow is the man, I've long since grown out of my DBZ phase like over 12 years ago but I'm actually interested in seeing what he does with it.

PS360WII3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

eeks. Thin line this is on. Could suck and yet it could be pretty sweet.

led10903875d ago

woot cant wait for me
3.dragonball z
southpark movie was craptacular simpsons was nice hopefully dbz will be nice too

allstarpt193875d ago

this will be so bad watch

akaFullMetal3875d ago

they have been saying for years that they were going to do it, maybe now they finally start production

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The story is too old to be commented.