Vox Games: Can They Be The Biggest Game Site?

The new site is in the planning stages, and meanwhile the editors will be posting stories on The Verge, Vox Media's new gadget web site run by former Engadget editor Josh Topolsky. Vox Media is a venture-capital-backed media firm with a good-sized bankroll and a plan for shaking up the nature of specialty media sites, as can be seen in the layout and technology of The Verge. Will this new site provide some innovations in game journalism? IG spoke with Chris Grant in this exclusive interview to find out more.

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Sinner101GR2511d ago

well, they have to get past their predeccessors in Joystiq, Escapist and Kotaku....which could be quite a while.

I could see it happen though.

blaaah2511d ago

IGN is the biggest now, i think.