The Complete Season 3 Cast of The Tester Revealed

Gamertag Radio writes: "In October, SCEA announced the first contestant and winner of “The Tester 3” online casting contest, Arin Hanson (aka Egoraptor). Today, SCEA unveils the 11 additional contestants who will compete to win the grand prize. From San Bernardino to Brooklyn to the Dominican Republic."

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krontaar2383d ago

...does anybody actually watch this garbage?

Kyosuke_Sanada2383d ago

No but I found this video clip of it hilarious when I ran into it a few month back......

ElliePage2383d ago

I only watch it for crap like this...

1:09 - 1:17

yesmynameissumo2383d ago

I do as well. My wife enjoys the hell out of it.

Dee_912383d ago

Yea I watched the first season
Its just sumtin to do when your bored I guess

HebrewHammer2383d ago

Not only do I watch it, I'm IN it!

I hope you guys enjoy watching it as much as we did filming it!

Love, RealityPalez

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PshycoNinja2383d ago

It seems like this season they wanted to choose the most "WTF really?!?!" people out there. They even got a snookie clone in the show. I liked the last two seasons but my god will this season be a nightmare.

capjacksparrow2383d ago

Haha I tried out for this Season and made it into the Top 20, but I wasn't terrible enough I guess xD

capjacksparrow2383d ago

You're the only one on there that's cool dude. No hate for HebrewHammer (Aka RealityPales), you're good peeps. Krysti and BurnNibelHeim were nice too! In all honesty though, the cast looks to be a bit of a joke beside the serious people! Don't mean any offense to you, I know you're a real gamer.

HebrewHammer2383d ago

lol much appreciated buddy. But I hope you grow to love those other guys and glas as I have :)

tigertron2383d ago

I wasn't even aware they had a second season. 0.o

NewVegasTroop2383d ago