Gameinformer February Cover Revealed

"This is the announcement you've been waiting for: One of the most beloved strategy titles of all time re-imagined by one of the best strategy studios in the world. Firaxis Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown introduces a wider console audience to what made the storied franchise great in the first place."

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StraightPath2532d ago

wow after all the wishful thinking for Star Wars Battlefront 3

Snookies122532d ago

Umm, I hardly care about strategy games, so yeah... I agree, that hype was a load of bull... Major letdown there haha.

UNCyrus2532d ago

This is a huge deal, and definitely lives up to the hype. It's sad that you don't recognize that :(

Snookies122532d ago

Sorry I just never played it before, so it really doesn't do much for me. o_o

lastdual2532d ago

@UNCyrus This just shows how young most of the N4G audience is. Looking at the comments, "old school" apparently means fairly new series like Kingdom Hearts to many of the users here.

In any case, an X-COM game by Firaxis sounds amazing. If anybody can resurrect this classic turn-based strategy series right, it's Sid Meiers & Co.

Snookies122532d ago

@lastdual - I agree there wholeheartedly, old school should probably mean somewhere around the SNES era in my opinion.

lastdual2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

I understand that there are plenty of people who haven't played X-COM, but even if you've never touched the series, this is good news for turn-based strategy fans in general.

If you enjoy games like:

Final Fantasy Tactics
Fire Emblem
Tactics Ogre
Advance Wars, etc...

Then there's a good chance you would enjoy X-COM, and hopefully this new iteration. Like Civilization Revolution, Firaxis will apparently be bringing this to consoles, so it should be fairly accessible to newcomers.

snipes1012532d ago

What you guys are failing to realize is that Game Informer said the announcement would excite "Old School" gamers. Star Wars Battlefront is not an old school franchise so there really wasn't any reason to think that would be it.

As for the people complaining that it's a strategy game and that they never played the original, at least it's not another shooter reimagining. You people were complaining a few weeks ago that this would probably just be another generic shooter. Now it isn't and you're still complaining.

People these days...smh.

dedicatedtogamers2531d ago

If people have never played X-COM before (admittedly, it can be a bit tough to play if you're accustomed to newer games), then I hope this game gives a new generation the chance to see what's so awesome about the formula. X-COM isn't just a tactical squad game. You control the entire organization, from research to scouting to funding to base-building to constructing equipment to making money, and then of course there's the combat but that's NOT all there is to it.

BattleAxe2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

I think I've heard of this game before, not sure though. I am quite disappointed though I have to say. I was hoping for Syphon Filter 5 or maybe even The Socom Collection with all of the PS2 Socom games.

SilentNegotiator2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

You think Xcom is old school? Wow, it really goes to show how young N4G users are. I feel bad for people who didn't grow up on "Tennis for Two" and "OXO". /s
Come on, don't come down on people for not being 30/40 year olds on a video game site. "Old school" is a matter of perspective. Last generation was definitely an entirely different beast than this one, anyhow.

I guess they realized the scope of potential customers for another Xcom strategy game when so many complained.

OmegaSlayer2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

A big problem is that people is very picky about games...this is my genre, this is not, this character has big boobs, this looks like a fag, the graphicz are insane, it seems like a PS2 game...

Imho there are only good games and bad games.

That said...last 2 Gameinformer's announcement didn't make me go over the top.
South Park RPG (???) made by Obsidian (that has failed pretty much everything this gen)...I haven't got high hopes.

Perjoss2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

This is a huge deal for me, I remember playing the original x-com on my playstation 1 for a ton of hours, I got so into that game I even bought a playstation mouse just for that game.

The fact it's being done by a company like Firaxis is like a dream come true. All we need now is a couple of news stories like this:

- Irrational Games finishing up Bioshock Infinite, Announces next game to be System Shock 3

- Frontier Developments release first Elite 4 screenshots and info.

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LightofDarkness2532d ago

The game's not even 10 years old (Battlefront), how would it be old-school?

CashColeTrain13372532d ago

It was also confirmed not to be it last week. I believed it to be Jedi Knight game developed by Spark Unlimited. It'd fit that description.

TheIneffableBob2531d ago

For some readers of N4G, it may have released around the time they were born haha

TreMillz2532d ago

Um.....woopdeedooh? seriously

1. Its PC only so majority of the gaming community wont give a damn...just saying more console players out there.

2. Really 2 XCOM games in 1 year, 1 by which the shoter version looks terrible and the strategy version..well idk its only a damn cover

3. Screw GI for hyping a cover which really didnt deserve all that hype " I wish i could reveal the game to you all" well you should have would have saved us more disappointment

Convas2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

What, is it that people don't read any more?

At the bottom of the article it clearly says that XCOM: Enemy Unknown is coming out for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.


TheDareDevil2532d ago


What he's trying to say is that the original XCOM games have been PC only games

snipes1012532d ago

@point 2: two entirely different XCOM games in one year is more like it. The only similarity is that they are set in the same fictional universe so I don't see the problem here.

@point 3: they said this was an announcement that would hype the old school crowd, not the entire gaming community. So your last statement really carries no weight at all.

Kiriel2532d ago

Ehm, the earlier announced 'Xcom' game doesn't even deserve to bring Xcom's slippers.

TheStorm2532d ago

To the Daredevil. That is untrue. X-Com UFO Defense (the first one) had a good port to the PSX, and I believe some of the others did as well. So no they have not always been PC only, the first one was multi-plat.

And to all the others...Star Wars Battlefront? That is not old-school in the least. It came out in 2004, that's hardly old school. While X-Com came out in late 93.

The first one was one of my all time favorite games, it actually had one of the most tense and scary atmosphere, sounds odd considering its turn based nature but it was.

Firaxis behind this, I will buy.

Basjohn2531d ago

You make me sad to still be on this planet.

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ThichQuangDuck2532d ago

Ha I was hoping

Star Wars Battlefront 3


Bloody Roar

But kinda assumed it would be more old school. Oh well there is always next month

Skynetone2531d ago (Edited 2531d ago )

enough with the sequels, lets get some fresh new ips out there

i dont mind a few sequels, but its gotten to the stage where i could probably list all games for the next four years

lbp 3 / battlefield 4 / res 6 / cod 7,8,9 / alan wake 2 / uncharted 4 / street fighter 5,6,7 / fifa / tiger etc etc

more new ips like "the last of us" would be nice for a while

ThichQuangDuck2531d ago

@ MC_Kool_K sequels are inevitable just due to the fact that it is easier to sell a ip that is established. There has been some new IP's this generation in Assassins Creed, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Uncharted, Gears of War 3 and plenty of reboots in between. I am basically asking for a completion to the franchises that deserved sequels and I am not talking about making a star wars battlefront 15. I am talking about great games to have on this technology enhanced like

Star Wars Battlefront 3

War of the Monsters 2

Time splitters 5

Bloody Roar 5

Freedom Fighters 2

These are games to me that had original fun game play that could be vastly improved with this generations technology. So do not complain about sequels when all the games you listed are some franchises that have all had at least one game out on this generation while others have not.

chazjamie2532d ago

@lastdual. I enjoyed playing those titles on the ds and even the gameboy, so if this is released on the vita I will definitely pick it up. I dont play these games on consoles.

TruthSeeker2532d ago

Great announcment for those wishing for a proper Xcom follow up, verry dissapointing day for those of us expecting a starwars battlefront 3 reveal :(

ATi_Elite2531d ago

I'm speechless!!

Many PC Gamers are jumping for joy right now.

So many upset Gamers about Xcom being turned into "just another generic shooter" but this news today has many Old School Gamers happy.

Too bad the combat is turn based. Yuck!

vortis2531d ago

Turn based is good. I can't wait.

They can still do things to keep the turn-based aspect interesting.

I was recently playing X-Com Apocalypse and it still carries its own to this very day. Again, I can't wait. I just hope they keep the destructibility and micro/macromanagement.

Kahvipannu2531d ago

Are you serious? Turn-based is the way to go, just like games X-Com's, Jagged Alliances, Fall Out's, Silent Storm's, M.A.X's, etc..

I want MORE turn-based strategy, enough with the "pew-pew shooters", we already got BF3, that's enough of fps until 4 comes out.

BiggsnWedge2531d ago

Valkyria Chronicles is turn based done right

ATi_Elite2531d ago

I love RTS but i prefer real time like Starcraft or Dawn of War!

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antz11042531d ago

WOW......thats it? Very lame compared to all the possibles people were throwing around here.....:(

fr00ty-wizenhymer2531d ago

This is the most epic thing in the world. I was so mad I heard that XCOM was being turned into an FPS. This makes it all better.

Hozi2531d ago

Man, this is what I got so excited for?...fufufufu!!! I'm not saying it won't be a good game, it's just I really could care less for Strategy turn based games. Final Fantasy Tactics...the very 1st battle put me to sleep. No lie, the darn battle took about 45 mins(including sleep), and that is pushing my patience way too far.

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Blacktric2532d ago Show
NYC_Gamer2532d ago

i hope it's pure to the original xcom roots and not dumbed down for the masses

Brownghost2532d ago (Edited 2532d ago )

Judging from other franchises, it will

SolidGear32532d ago

Not really.. That's what 2K Marin's XCOM is for. This is for the true fans.

Brownghost2531d ago

You didn't understand what i meant judging from other franchises like ninja gaiden and mass effect 2 it will be dumbed down

noxeven2532d ago

Eh this looks even more different from the last time they did xcom. I remember i think was game informer wasn't a cover story i don't think but they had the article on xcom and it seems for of an 70s type of future with aliens sorta vibe going on. All i get from the cover is chest high cover and marcus get down. well just have to wait for the article