AMY coming next Week to PSN and XboxLIVE

Lexis Numérique today announced that the Survival-Horror-Game AMY coming next Week to PSN and XboxLIVE.

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Lirky2483d ago

I cant wait for this yay i hope the price is very reasonable maybe 9.99 but itll be 14.99.

rezzah2483d ago

$10 is a giveaway, $15 is reasonable, and $20 may be a little too much unless it provides longer than 4 hours of gameplay or a great experience.

vickers5002483d ago

Back in the first few years of this gen, the majority of digital games were $10, with the odd few priced at $15. Now it seems more common for arcade games to be priced at $15.

unknownhero11232483d ago

it's about time! can't wait to play this!

AngelicIceDiamond2483d ago

Thought it was PSN only for the mean time?

rezzah2483d ago

Maybe it is, but I know when it was announced I believed it to be a PSN exclusive.

Doesn't really matter since more can enjoy the game.

To me this looks like a true survival horror game. At least i hope it is.

AngelicIceDiamond2483d ago

Oh ok, yeah when it was announced they said it was only for the PSN. And as time passed they said it would "Eventually" come to Xbox. That's fine though, I can't wait to try it out.

Kran2483d ago

It was a PSN exclusive, then half way through development, it was also announced to be a 360 title.

Nothing wrong with that though. The more people that play it, the better. Thats all that matters really.

LNDCalling2483d ago

Colour me as quite excited about playing this nifty looking little DL title!. :D

SolidGear32483d ago

Hell yes, been waiting forever for this to come out!!

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