Spending Real Money on Virtual Items is a Risky (and Stupid) Venture

With the recent news about a Chinese man spending a ridiculous $16,000 on a virtual sword for a game that's yet to release, Push Start Select takes a look at the growing trend of spending real money on virtual items, and how it can only lead to heart break for gamers.

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Raider692149d ago

The world is getting rotten every day!So many people dead from lack of food to eat,and we see this kind of stupidities growing by the day!There are various places that welcome donations for the most feels very good to the soul!

BiggsnWedge2149d ago

So you wouldn't spend your own money as you see fit? It's not mine, yours or everyone else's problem to give everyone a helping hand. Sure it's ok every now and then but puhhhlease we only live one short life.

I mean it feels like just yesterday I was playing 8-bit games or pong at a friends house and now a days we have 3D televisions, what feels like mini super computers in our houses and what not.

It's nice that you want to be charitable though but just remember that everyone's life wasn't destined to be the same.

AidyReviews2148d ago

Wow. Seriously. 16k? I wonder what kind of specials this sword will have?

darklordzor2147d ago

That's what I wonder too. I mean it can't be all powerful, otherwise it wouldn't be balanced enough for all the other MMO players.

AidyReviews2145d ago

Agreed. It may just be sparkles and sound effects! Maybe it will come with a familiar, too :)