Silent Hill 0 Gets Inevitable PS2 Port

Konami may be looking to bring the Climax-developed prequel Silent Hill Origins to a wider audience next year with a PlayStation 2 port of the game.

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TeaDouble_E3903d ago

Ive always wanted to play this game but I didn't have a PSP. But now I can learn more about Silent Hill history.

PS360WII3903d ago

yea just throw it in the PSN

EZCheez3903d ago

I don't have my PSP anymore but I would love to play it.

lynx1halo3903d ago

all Silent hill since the original, to the most recently announced Silent Hill V all look EXACTLY ALIKE...down to the fog on the streets LOL

name3903d ago

^ No.

And while the PS2 port was inevtiable like the title says, I don't think anything beats a portable silent hill. =D Nothing like playing it on a train late at night and having to walk through those empty hallways.

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